David Reviews The "Gathering Of Angels"

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39th Celebration Event
By David Martinez
Photos by George Garcia

On August 12, 2007, in Downey, California was the day for a very special event, the 39th anniversary celebration of the Golden State Boxers Association “GATHERING OF ANGELS” luncheon banquet 다운로드.

The event was hosted by yours truly, David Martinez, in conjunction with event coordinator Josie-Arrey Mejia.

The name “GATHERING OF ANGELS” was the original name of the organization that was founded in 1968 by Ray Owens, and two years later in 1970, was changed to it’s current title: The Golden State Boxers Association 전래동요 다운로드.
David Martinez and Ray Owens

The event was highlighted with two of it’s living original members: Ray Owens and Willie Bean, receiving top recognition awards, and also a “surprise” appearance by Jessie Solis – who just happened to be the original secretary back in 1968 다운로드.

In honor of founder Ray Owens, four boxing icons received the first ever Ray Owens Life Time Achievement awards: Norm Cote, Joey Olmos, Lou Filippo, and Don Fraser.
Also on tap was a special award presentation of the Nat Fleischer Ring Magazine 1969 Lightweight Championship Belt to Mando Ramos, that was presented by current Golden State Boxers Association president Larry Montalvo.

Music was provided by the band: Sedillo Bros., and all of the 175 people in attendance were treated to a delicious catered lunch and a most memorable afternoon – “The Gathering Of Angels”
Willie Bean and Larry Montalvo

Willie Bean and Larry Montalvo

Norm Cote and David Martinez

Norm Cote and David Martinez

Mando Ramos
Mando Ramos

Don Fraser and Josie Arrey-Mejia
Don Fraser and Josie Arrey-Mejia

Trudie Latka and Lou Filippo

Trudie Latka and Lou Filippo

One thought on “David Reviews The "Gathering Of Angels"

  1. David and Josie,

    I am so glad that my father “Ray Owens” was finally recognized for his hard work and dedication to the Boxing Association. The Gathering of Angels was his life time dream. He has stood back in silence for many years and watched others take credit for what he did.
    The Ray Owens Life Time Achievement Award is something that his family will cherish for years.
    Many thanks to the both of you for your hard work in giving him the recognition and credit he so much deserved.

    Kathy Owens Gunderson

    I have forwarded this information to our family and friend in Nevada, Utah, California and Vermont.

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