A Dozen “Super Fight” Duds

Sanchez - Gomez


By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer
Contributed to  dmboxing.com  since 2008


So many so called “Super Fights” have turned out to be “Super Duds” over the years.  True several have provided us with heart stopping thrills.  Still some have left us cold and unfulfilled as one party of the match didn’t quite live up to their end of the deal 유튜브 mp4 1080p 다운로드.

I have come up with twelve such contests that left me most unsatisfied at their conclusion. I’m sure other fans can think of many more that had a similar effect on them 로그 레거시.


1) Salvador Sanchez – Wilfredo Gomez… Sanchez was a young, solid champion but Gomez was, Gomez. The man that had destroyed the invincible Carlos Zarate.  Well Salvador proved to the world and Gomez that he was an all-time great.  Wilfredo was down in the first and outclassed the rest of the way until it was stopped in round eight 다운로드.

2) Donald Curry  – Milton McCrory… Curry had been long considered a pound for pound best.  Milt was to be the second coming of Tommy Hearns.  Milt was flattened in two rounds!

3) Michael Nunn – Sumbu Kalambay… Nunn was the heir apparent to Sugar Ray Leonard. Kalambay was a solid champion with wins over Mike McCallum and Iran Barkley. One well timed Nunn left hook ended what looked to be a competitive contest on paper in the first round.

4) Thomas Hearns – Roberto Duran… All I can say is OUCH !!!  Roberto had just gone fifteen with the great Hagler.  No one before or after ever did what Tommy did to Roberto that day.

5) Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Diego Corrales…NO CONTEST !!!

6) Lennox Lewis – Mike Tyson… A contest for one round.  Then Lennox dominated and halted the game but overmatched Tyson in the eighth.

7) Bob Foster – Vicente Rondon… When will this generation realize that Foster would have kayoed Roy Jones Jr.?

8) George Foreman – Boone Kirkman… Boone was so overhyped.  This was almost laughable. Mercifully stopped in round two.

9) George Foreman – Gerry Cooney… Swan song payday for likeable but undeserving Cooney.  Easy cash for George.


10) Mike Tyson – Michael Spinks… What were people expecting?  At that stage of Tyson’s career, he was an ANIMAL !!!

11) Jerry Quarry – Earnie ShaversNot quite what we expected was it ?  The bomber got bombed !

12) Eder Jofre – Vicente Saldivar… If they only would have met years earlier before Vicente was a “shot” fighter.  It could have been a classic !Instead Saldivar folded in the fourth.

So there you have it.  Great fighters in great match ups that just seemed to fizzle when the first bell sounded.

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