Alex Ramos Hospitalized!

David Martinez and Alex Ramos, photo by George Garcia

I want to ask all of my boxing friends to “please” put Alex Ramos on you prayer list, as he is going through a very difficult time today 다운로드.

I initially received a call from my dear friend Eva Futch with this news on Friday evening August 29, and she sent me a note from Jacquie Richardson that I would like to share with my website fan base 다운로드. Alex is a true boxing icon and he is also one of my “selected” links on this website, that you can click on to, and go visit. My sincerest prayers and deep concern are with Alex Ramos … may God guide and bless him to a speedy recovery 다운로드!

David Martinez / Boxing Historian


Dear friends,

I am writing this to people who I know love and care about Alex Ramos.
He is in the hospital in critical condition. He is on a respirator.
After several hours in the Emergency Room, he has just been
transferrred to the Intensive Care Unit. He has nor regained
consciousness, and now, he is in a drug induced coma to rest his
brain. The best guess at this time, per the physician, is that he
suffered from brain seizures and possibly an asthma attack. His vital
signs are stable, finally. The worked on him for over an hour this
morning to resuscitate him in the ER and performed many tests. He had
a CT scan and his brain shows no sign of bleeding or anuerysm. His
tox screens came back negative –no alcohol or drugs.

Since I had not heard from Alex since yesterday at 5:30 PM, and since
he had not checked his email for 15 hours, I became worried (If you
know Alex, you know he calls me frequently!). I called his apartment
manager, Vicky, and told her that I had a bad feeling and if she saw
Alex, would she call me and tell me he was alive. As we talked, I
told her that I did not want to impose on his right to privacy, but I
was concerned that he might have fallen or that he was sick. Vicky
called her manager and made the brave decision to go into the
apartment. Without going into details, Alex was unconscious, with
shallow breathing and probably near death. Vicky called 9-1-1 and
they attempted to stabilize him and took him to the Emergency Room.
ER Staff worked for another hour to stabilize him, using a hand
respirator. He had a CT scan that revealed no bleeding or anuerysm.
As I said, Tox screens came back negative. Based on the description
of how he was found (body and neck rigid/stiff), there is a strong
suspician that he suffered a seizure, and complications from asthma.

I will keep you posted. Please, if you have a prayer in your heart,
use if for Alex. He will be slowly weaned from the respirator which
will leave us with some answers about how much damage has been done
early tomorrow morning. Alex is loved by many people through out
the world and he needs you to pray for his recovery.

As he always says….”God Bless!”