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  1. PLEASE HELP!! Can you suggest who I can contact for films of my fights from the Olympic Auditorium? They were broadcasted in 80/81.

  2. I have many, many fights on video from Dempsey, Louis, Olympic fights galore. I have just relocated to So Cal from Ohio and am unpacking as we speak, so contact me with any specifics (opponent, date etc.) 330 701-7434 Ken

  3. I would like to find fights that my father Jose Pimentel and my uncle, Jesus “little Poison” Pimentel were in. Can you tell me where I can find those?

    Jess Pimentel

  4. I’m looking for any information on my father Jim Lynch. He was a golden gloves boxer in the 40’s or 50’s. He possibly used another name similar to Billy Carrigan or Jim Ballance.

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