Benavidez Stops Andrade – AND – Charlo Wins Comeback Fight

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

David Benavidez wants a big fight with Canelo Alvarez, and he decided to fight the slick boxing Demetrius Andrade who is one of the most avoided fighters to stay busy.  Andrade reminded me of Ronald “Winky Wright “ who was equally avoided since he was a slick boxer that no one really wanted to tangle with.  He eventually fought Shane Mosley who just finished beating Oscar De La Hoya twice and looking for a big fight with Felix Trinidad.  Wright upset Mosley and Andrade was hoping to do the same to Benavidez 콜린스 사전 다운로드.

For Benavidez, this fight was designed to show case his skills and force a bigger fight with Alvarez. He needed a big name on his resume.  Benavidez is coming off a victory over Caleb Plant and he won his last seven of his past ten victories  by stoppage and Andrade was his steppingstone to Alvarez 다운로드.

The first round saw Andrade boxing and moving as Benavidez couldn’t find his prey to overwhelm him and in the second round Andrade even prove to be aggressor as he unleashed his own ten punch combination and after three rounds I had Andrade up three rounds to zero 다운로드.  He out landed Benavidez 32 punches to 21 punches.   It looked like it might be competitive, but the fourth round changed all that.

Starting in the fourth round, Benavidez took over the fight.  Benavidez turned the table and dominated the last three rounds as he landed 96 punches to Andrade 36.  Andrade opponents in past fights landed an average 5.4 punches per round but Benavidez landed 20 punches per round in this fight with most of those punches landing in the fourth, fifth and sixth round 다운로드.

Benavidez started to control the fight in the fourth round and at the end of the round, a right hand sent Andrade down before the bell rang ended the round 다운로드.

Over the next two rounds, it was just Benavidez who simply dominated the fight as Andrade weakened and no longer capable of hurting Benavidez who kept pouring it on.  The fight was stopped after the sixth round as it became apparent to Andrade’s corner this fight was over.

Next fight that Benavidez wants is Alvarez and that will be a great fight, two sluggers against one another but Benavidez is the bigger and younger fighter.

Jose Benavidez took on Jermall Charlo who was fighting for the first time in two years. The fight was supposed to be at a catch weight of 163 pounds, but Charlo was three pounds heavier than the catch weight which gave him even greater advantages as he was the bigger fighter to begin with. Each round was similar as Benavidez attempted to make it a fight, but Charlo’s jab controlled the action and he was able to strike combinations off his jab.  Charlo averaged 24 punches landed per round with 12 jabs landed to go with 12 power shots for nearly 40 percent connect rate versus Benavidez 9 punches landed per round with 7 power shots and only 2 jabs per round for a 20 percent connect rate.  I had this fight 100-90 for Charlo and it showed my that Charlo is ready to get back into the ring with top flight contenders and I suspect that he is looking for a fight with Alvarez to avenge his brother’s defeat. The fact that Charlo couldn’t get down to 163 tells me that he is ready to move up to the super middleweight division.  

The 28-2-1 Benavidez started pressing the action against the 32-0 Charlo right off the bat in the first. By the end of the round, however, it was Charlo who was dishing out the punishment. Benavidez had his moments in the second, but it was Charlo’s jab which told the tale. The third was competitive, with Benavidez once again having his moments, but Charlo’s jab based strategy continued to be effective, as well. Indeed, that jab began to tune Benavidez up in the fourth.

Benavidez had a good fifth. Charlo, however, may have had a better one. Benavidez’ flurries were no doubt effective, but Charlo’s masterful and powerful jab continued to find their mark repeatedly. The truth was that Benavidez simply didn’t look to be strong enough to do any damage to Charlo. The sixth, simply put, was target practice for Charlo. With that being said, Benavidez had a strong seventh for himself. The same couldn’t be said for the eighth, where Benavidez took a beating.

Benavidez fought bravely in the ninth, as he had the entire fight…but Charlo was just too good for him. Benavidez was the more active of the two in the tenth, but Charlo frankly didn’t seem to care. He had essentially put a beating on Charlo and it was hard to imagine the judges getting it wrong after the final bell had rung. And indeed the judges did their job correctly, rewarding Charlo with a unanimous decision win.

2 thoughts on “Benavidez Stops Andrade – AND – Charlo Wins Comeback Fight

  1. It was great to see Andrade get his chance. Benavidez proved that he belongs with the elites of the division. The money fight is Canelo. For the winner to own the division they need to beat Morrell too.

  2. Hello David my name is Vincent Lopez ,brother in law of Mike Putnam, I want to thank you for accepting me in your mailing list .I am a long time boxing fan and dabbled in the sport at fullerton college under coach Craig Fiola who was also a former raiders defensive back and college football coach,I love the sport and grew up watching Mondo Ramos ,Bobby Chacon ,Ruben Navarro.the lopez brothers ,Danny and Ernie ,with my dad at the Olympic auditorium and at the inglewood forum,I really enjoyed your informative articles and again very thankful.

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