Beterbiev by Signature “KO” Win Over Smith / Two Rounds

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … respected contributor to since 2008

First round saw Joe Smith pressing the action, with left jab but with minute left, Beterbiev landed solid rights and started to get round Smith’s guard.  Beterbiev scored a knockdown near the end of the first round.  I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I was really going to score the fight since this was one of those fights that would not go the distance and Beterviev domination of the last minute of the round strengthen that point 넷폴더. The first round was 10-8, not hard to score.

Beterbiev sent Smith down with overhand in the opening minute of the second round and a second knockdown happen another thirty seconds later.  Smith was in trouble and had over a minute left to survive.  He didn’t as a third big right uppercut sent Smith staggering into the rope 유희왕 극장판 다운로드. The referee stopped the fight almost immediately.

Four knockdowns in less than five minutes showed why Beterbiev may be the best light heavyweight and the only one obstacle to holding all the belts is Dmitri Bivol, a very good boxer who recently defeated Saul Alvarez 다운로드.

Beterbiev is more than a puncher as this fight showed.  He used jabs to set up punches and timed his right to punch around Smith’s left jab.  Once Smith tasted Beterbiev’s power, he changed strategy and try to exchange power punches.  For the first two minutes, Smith used his left jab to move in to land his power shots but once that first big right hand landed, that strategy went out the door 다운로드.

From there, Smith was unable to stop the onslaught and the fight ended quickly.   Smith is a good fighter but not an elite fighter but before this fight, he never hit canvas.  In five minutes, he hit the canvas three times before the final blow sent him staggering and while he was still on his feet, his legs sere not steady 다운로드. My judgement on not worrying about keeping score proved sound.

Beterbiev wants to unify the title and that means a fight with Bivol.  Alvarez is planning a third fight with Gennady Golovkin and there will be no Alvarez-Bivol for awhile, so he won’t be attempting to revenge that loss.

Bivol is a slick boxer as he showed against Alvarez but he didn’t have Alvarez in trouble and the question is whether he can box for 12 rounds without getting hit a solid shot by Beterview.   Beterview would put pressure on Bivol.  Alvarez was a power puncher, but Beterview may have a more powerful light heavyweight punch.   Alvarez is not a natural light heavyweight, and he did not see capable of hurting Bivol but Beterview may be able to hurt Bivol.

Alvarez may be hoping if Bivol actually prevail over Beterviev since Beterviev may be too big of a puncher for Alvarez.   Will Alvarez go into back into the light heavyweight or still in the Junior Middleweight division?  There are good fights at the Super Middleweight and Alvarez is still the best fighter in both Middleweight and Super Middleweight division.  He is not the best in the light heavyweight division.  That is Beterbiev division. 

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  1. Beterbiev v Bivol is a must see fight. Winner’s standing rises significantly and both are currently top 15 p4p

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