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Book Review: By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Ezzard Charles



When I read a book about a prize fighter I want to know the whole story 레인맨. I want to know about their early life and what led them into the brutal fight game. What they did after their career ended and what legacy did they leave extjs 엑셀. In the book “Ezzard Charles ; A Boxing Life”, author William Dettloff does an admirable job of covering all the bases.

Mr. Dettloff is an accomplished scribe who spent fifteen years as the Senior Writer for Ring Magazine 다운로드. It is obvious throughout this book the research and attention to detail the author painstakingly took. Ezzard Charles fought his way to the top in an era loaded with all star talent 다운로드. Ezzard met the best of those times. Names like Burley, Bivins,Maxim, Moore, Walcott, Marciano and Louis adorn his record. As well as many others.

Ezzard Charles never received a much deserved shot at the light heavyweight championship even though most acknowledged him as the number one man at the time 다운로드. Frustrated he went after the heavyweight crown and won it after the great Joe Louis retired. Charles was never fully accepted or appreciated by the fans as a heavyweight windows 10 디스크 이미지. When Louis decided to come back and try to regain his crown his effort was thwarted by Ezzard. This made Charles even more unpopular as he had defeated a beloved icon 다운로드.

All this and more. Much, much more is explained in the pages of this fine book. Ezzard’s three wins over the Old Mongoose Archie Moore 다운로드. The aftermath of the bout Charles had with Sam Baroudi that was fatal for Baroudi. The battle Ezzard had with Lou Gerhig’s disease that claimed his life at the age of 51 검은사막.

The bottom line is that in his prime Ezzard Charles was a great fighter. Very possibly the greatest light heavyweight of all time. A child from Georgia who ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio and went on to have an illustrious boxing career 더 쉬프트 5 다운로드. Hats off to William Dettloff. This was a wonderful book and a sure “keeper” for my boxing library.

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  1. I like your idea of what a boxing book should be,mr Dettloff and I agree so how about you and me writing the ultimate boxing book about The Ultimate Fighter, Sugar Ray Robinson, Google Harry Wiley’s trainer that’s who my dad was and I’ve got the story the real behind the scenes boxing story that the other people haven’t written about, please get in touch with me!203-671-7040 cell,204-507-2614,home, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Ezzard Charles was usually dismissed as a good fighter because he didn’t have a good punch. I read that at one time he did but he killed one of his opponents with his punches and never got over it. Ergo no good punches from then on.

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