Book Review

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

1001501_10201602159440871_281029963_n  BOOK PIC“Fifty Years of Fights, Fighters and Friendships” Author: Jerry Fitch

One of this year’s best boxing books has arrived this year app store 다운로드.
“Fifty Years Of Fights, Fighters And Friendships” covers the boxing life journey
of the astute author Jerry Fitch. The author has seen a lot on his fifty year
venture 다운로드. What impressed me was that Jerry accomplished most of this while
working at an unrelated full time job. Amazing !

Jerry has covered boxing all over the United States and other parts of the world 다운로드.

He has rubbed shoulders with boxing royalty such as Ali, Frazier, Archie Moore and Roberto Duran. Fitch talks about these great fighters and many more 소설가가 되자 일괄 다운로드.

Jerry also relives some of the great ring battles he has witnessed over his five decade span as a ringside reporter.

Fitch was fortunate enough to have developed great friendships with legends like Earnie Shavers and Jimmy McLarnin 다운로드.

Then there is the very special bond he had with Cleveland’s greatest boxer Jimmy
Bivins. Jerry discusses all of these and so much more qtcore4.dll. It is such a smooth and
entertaining read. Jerry tells it like he saw it with great candor and spiced
with a healthy dash of wit. I found it very difficult to put this book down once
I started reading it 피들러 다운로드. I felt like I was sitting with Jerry at a local tavern
sipping a cold one as he told his story. A truly wonderful book.

I highly recommend this for all boxing fans 아이폰 백그라운드 다운로드. It would make a great addition to
your boxing library. To find out how to purchase the book contact Jerry at ;

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