David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Photos by George Garcia

On Saturday, June 21, 2008, a sizzling day in the Los Angeles area where the temperature exceeded 110 degrees, the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City was the setting for a sizzling event: the California Boxing Hall of Fame 다운로드.

Don Fraser and Bernard Docusen

A standing room crowd of 635 boxing people gathered to witness the 2008 class of inductees which included Berry Gordy, Mando Ramos, Paul Banke, Joey Olivo, Andy Nance, Jackie Kallen, Johnny Ortiz, Ben Lira, Albert Sandoval, Jack Mosley, Joe Valverde, Allen Syers, Pat Connolly, Steve Belijan, John Hall, Orlando De La Fuente, Steve Harpst, Michele Chong, Bernard Docusen, Maxie Docusen, and, in a special Posthumous Category, Jackie McCoy, Eddie Futch, Keeny Teran, and Joe Louis 셋 셀테니 다운로드.

Danny “Little Red” Lopez with wife Bonnie

Also a special introduction was made of newly crowned WBC Super Lightweight Champion Timothy Bradley, who was gracious and humble in receiving that recognition Download Food Additives Orbit.

David Martinez and Jackie Hayden
“original” ring bell from Hollywood Legion Stadium

I was personally honored to have been chosen to be the presenter of my friend Joe Valverde. Joe is a man with a most successful resume of high standards in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas.

Ruby Bolanos, Gloria Lopez, Josie Monroy

I was also honored to have been chosen to be the presenter and speaker for the legendary Eddie Futch, who, in my view, was the greatest trainer in our era of boxing. He led 22 boxers to world titles, and has this amazing feat to his credit: of the five professional losses that the great Muhammad Ali had in his career, four of the five men to beat Ali were trained or managed by Futch.

Don Fraser and Berry Gordy

A special “thank you” to Don Fraser for putting together this successful event. For your enjoyment, here are some outstanding photos taken by my Web site photographer George Garcia.

Jackie Kallen and Steve Harpst

Jackie Kallen and David Martinez

Berry Gordy and Ken Thompson

Carolina Feldt, Eva Futch, Joanne Jackson

Eva Futch and Lou Filippo

Joey Olmos

Randy Shields

Jim Fitzgerald and Steve Harpst

Bernard Parks, Albert Sandoval, Carlos Palomino

Big Joe McDonnnell

David Martinez and Bernard Parks

Dr. Rudy Tellez, Joey Olivo, Dr. Joe Noriega

Andy Nance

Johnny Ortiz and Ken Thompson

Sheriff Lee Baca, Pat Connolly, with sons

Steve Belijan and Norm Cote

John Hall and Steve Springer

Eva Futch

Eva Futch and Berry Gordy

Johnny Ortiz and Claire Landless

Johnny Ortiz, Berry Gordy, Jack Mosley

Steve Harpst and Michele Chong

Bobby Chacon and Berry Gordy

Pennyken (Teran) Molina with photos of her father Keeny Teran

George Garcia and Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley / WBC Super Lightweight Champion displaying dmboxing Web site t-shirt