Calles wins The Rematch

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By David Martinez

On December 6, 2013, the Chumash Casino, in Santa Ynez, California showcased a terrific night of boxing 밤안개. The entire card was filled with action and it was the night that Henry Calles won his light-heavyweight rematch (vs. Zlatko Ledic ) by a four round unanimous decision 고잉 마이 홈.

Calles won three of the four rounds  on my card (39-37 on points) as I viewed the fight at ringside working his corner.

At the opening bell, Calles came out on fire and twice came close to a first round knockout, winning that round big 다운로드. He won rounds two and three, but there was concern about midway in round three, as Calles seemed to fade with his stamina. I would attribute that to maybe being over-trained, leaving the peak of his fitness in the gym 다운로드. Just a week before the fight he was so pumped up that he stated “I’m so fired up I almost kicked my office door down today” which leads me to believe this was the case why Calles had his lapse in conditioning 다운로드.

Calles won the bout simply by his harder, more effective punching and digging down deep with pure desire will to win – which all great boxers have within.

After the fight Calles suffered pain to his right bicep, but I am happy to report that situation isn’t serious, just bruised, and he will be fine.

Calles will now take a well deserved rest and make spending more time with his family, (wife) Veronica, (son) Benny and (daughter) Camila, a top priority.

Calles has given his Team Duke’s the highest respect by saying, “Thank You – I couldn’t have done this without you, I love you guys,” which makes it an honor to work with such a wonderful human being – Henry Calles.  He is a dedicated boxer who is loved by his family and many friends.

On behalf of Team Duke’s, Mark Lee (trainer), Sarah Cammann (manager), Laura Danhauer (medical RN) and myself (corner second coach), thank you for your continuing support of us and Henry Calles!

to view fight click onto link  below:

henry - 1


henry - 2


henry - 3

henry - 4



henry - 5

henry - 6

henry - referee

henry - 7 henry - after ref pre-fight instructions


henry - fight

henry - 8


henry - after sarah & laura

henry - final pic



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