Can Wilder Win The Heavyweight Title – AND – Can Eubank Jr. Revenge His Loss To Smith?

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Can Deontay Wilder win the heavyweight championship 윈도우7 영문 언어팩 다운로드? The answer is yes but Wilder has fought but one round since his trilogy with Fury and that trilogy was a brutal affair for both men but in particular for Wilder who got the worse of it.   

It is true that he sent Fury down and nearly ended their first fight in the final round when Fury went down face first to the canvas, but Fury somehow got up and survived the knockdown and ended up with a draw.  Their third fight was an up and down affair as both men hit the canvas before Fury finally finished of Wilder in a brutal fight 그린 마일. His last opponent Helenius lasted one minute and that is all he has fought since his trilogy with Fury.  Fury is the wild card as he goes from retiring to trying to decide to fight Usyk or not, which is the fight everyone wants to see 다운로드.

As for Wilder, his options includes Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz and if he gets past one of them, Usyk is still there if Fury has yet to fight him. 

Joshua is a more skilled boxer with good power and as he showed against Helenius, he can box while having enough power to end a fight.  Until Helenius and after the first Ruiz fight in which he was stopped, Joshua was a more cautious fighter but against Helenius, he started to look like the pre-Andy Ruiz Joshua 다운로드.

Andy Ruiz is one of the toughest fighters who will take your best to try to knock you out.  Wilder’s power is legendary, and he could end the fight against either fighter with one shot.  In the case of Ruiz, it will be which fighter who has the most power, but Joshua’s boxing skills will give Wilder trouble just as Fury’s boxing skills gave Wilder trouble. 

Against Usyk, Wilder has his power, but Usyk is a slick boxer who will give Wilder plenty of trouble in avoiding that one big shot.  Right now, the latest discussion is that he will fight Joshua and with the right opponent holding the belt, he can regain a title.  If nothing else, Wilder is an exciting fighter who can end a fight with just one punch. 

When Chris Eubank Jr 다운로드. faced Liam Smith in January, he did not see the fifth round but in their most recent fight, it was Eubank, Jr. who got the better of Smith.  Right from the beginning, Eubank jabbed and smothered Smith and this continued into the second round. Eubank put Smith down in the fourth round and as Smith came up, his mouthpiece hit the floor, thus allowing him recovery time as a new mouthpiece was put back in place.

This continued throughout the bout as he simply dominated Smith, out landing him with 160 punches.  In the ninth round, Eubank pounded Smith and in the tenth round, Eubank sent Smith down to the canvas twice before the referee stopped the fight.   

Smith only landed 33 punches the entire fight and for every punch he threw and landed, Eubank landed and threw four punches.  Now both fighters have split two fights, and both fights were one-sided affairs so will there be a third fight? If nothing else, it would attract enough fans to make it worthwhile. And maybe the third fight might just be a close bout. 

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  1. Spot on regarding Wilder. With Eubank Jr my question is, is it just Smith that he figured out or has he greatly improved suddenly?

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