Canelo Defeats Ryder by Unanimous Decision

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

This was fight designed to be coronation for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in front of his fellow countrymen in Mexico as he faced John Ryder, British Supermiddleweight.  This fight was easy to score as Alvarez dominated 다운로드. I had it 120-107 but you might have given Ryder a couple of rounds in which two of the judges did. 

The Compubox numbers told the full story as Alvarez landed more than double the punches Ryder 179 to 80 including nearly 47 percent of power shots and was the more accurate puncher with nearly 40 percent to Ryder 17 percent.  There was not one round in which Alvarez didn’t out land Ryder in punches and there was no doubt who was the stronger puncher and Ryder rarely penetrated Alvarez defense 다운로드.

In third round, Alvarez landed a solid right that shook Ryder and in the fourth round, Alvarez bloodied Ryder’s nose while he landed punches in which Ryder couldn’t get out of the way.  Ryder opened up the fifth round with a jab, but Canelo answered with a jab of his own along with a right to the chest.  A traditional one -two sent Ryder down and as he came up from the canvas, he was a bloodied mess and continued to fight back 다운로드. The Champ threw a massive right that missed.

In the seventh round, Alvarez continued to stagger Ryder, but Ryder held tough as he took the punishment.  Throughout the eighth and ninth round, Canelo Alvarez jab forward and his jab set up combinations.  Alvarez left few openings for Ryder to connect and most of Ryder punches bounced off Alvarez’s gloves ds file. In the ninth, an Alvarez right wobbled Ryder and the referee took a close look but allowed Ryder to continue.

The tenth round may have been Ryder best as he slipped punches, but Alvarez continued to move forward to stop the fight, but Ryder landed a few punches to neutralized Alvarez’s attacks.   In the eleventh round, Ryder continued to fight but the action started to drag as both men showed exhaustion and the referee kept separating.  The round ended with an Alvarez big right 다운로드.

The final round was anticlimactic.  Alvarez let his right hand go but Ryder came back with his own right.  Ryder threw punches in bunches, hoping to take the round.  He landed a good right and landed a few body shots.  Ryder was aggressive but it was too little and too late, but he survived the round and the fight

The official scores was 120-107, 118-109, 118-109 and it was accurate description of the fight.  I had it as a shut out but the final round and maybe the tenth could have gone for Ryder but not much more.   

Alvarez won and showed he could defeat those fighters ranked below but now where does Alvarez go from here?

There are many good fights to line including undefeated Middleweight Jermall Charlo, Super Middleweight David Benavidez, or David Morrell as well undefeated light heavyweight Artur Beterbiev but the real bout that Alvarez wants is Dmitry Bivol, who defeated Alvarez.  Bivol showed that he was one of the two best light heavyweights and showed that maybe for Alvarez, the light heavyweight division might be one step to much.  Up to this point, Alvarez has been able to bring his power up to Super Middleweight and he did stop former lightweight champ Sergey Kovalev, but Bivol was able to take Alvarez’s best shots.  Would a rematch be any different?  Alvarez would like to find out if it would be any different.

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  1. Ryder, like Whyte at HW did earn his shot though, so buying wasn’t inexcusable.

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