By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

How do they keep turning out such great fighters ? Jose Torres, Wilfredo
Gomez, Wilfred Benitez, Felix Trinidad and now Miguel Cotto. Puerto Rico has
put their stamp on the fistic map!

In the forty five years I’ve followed the great sport of boxing I’ve seen two
lightweights that were not only Puerto Rican standouts but in my opinion
among the greatest lightweights of all time 다운로드.

I am speaking of former champions Carlos Ortiz and the late Esteban
DeJesus. Who would have won if these two fine fighting machines had met in
their primes ?

Carlos Ortiz dominated the lightweight division in the mid and late 60’s.
He was extremely strong and powerful for his weight. He was also more clever
then ever given credit for 다운로드. He was a solid puncher with a sturdy chin.
Only the vastly talented Ismael Laguna was able to give Carlos problems
at his peak.

Then you have Esteban DeJesus. If there was ever a fighter who fought at
the wrong time it was Esteban. If only Roberto Duran had not been around…
DeJesus beat Duran in their first bout, a non-title affair 다운로드. Roberto then
came back to twice halt Esteban in championship encounters. In between all
that Esteban won the W.B.C. version of the title by whipping Guts Suzuki.
This is not a feat that should taken lightly. Suzuki had held his own with
Laguna and Duran. He twice kayoed the respected Rodolfo Gonzalez 리듬 세상 융합. He won
against tough Tury ” The Fury ” Pineda and defeated future Hall Of Famer Ken

By defeating Suzuki, DeJesus proved he was the top challenger for
Roberto’s undisputed claim. History tells us that Roberto won their rubber
match and moved on into boxing legend. Esteban would slowly fade from the

After Carlos Ortiz lost the title in an upset to Carlos ” Teo ” Cruz, he
to would fade from the limelight 다운로드. He would come back in the mid 70’s in
hopes of fighting Duran. Instead he would meet the clever Buchanan who
stopped the shopworn Ortiz.

How would Ortiz and DeJesus match up ? Who would have come out on top ?
These two men were fifteen round fighters. The true championship
distance 다운로드. DeJesus may have been the better overall boxer. He was a smooth
counterpuncher. His counter left was awesome. Ask Duran. Esteban floored
Roberto twice with that punch.

Ortiz was the stronger and probably the harder hitter although neither
fighter was a one punch KO artist.

I see Esteban outspeeding and outboxing Ortiz in the early going 다운로드. Carlos
is smart and he’s not allowing himself to get hit with any big shots. Still
DeJesus is setting the pace and building up a nice points lead.
Carlos begins to to close the margin during the middle rounds. While he
becomes more aggressive he leaves himself open for Esteban’s effective
counters 다운로드. After ten hard fought rounds DeJesus has a slight lead.
The tide begins to turn in rounds eleven and twelve as the strength of
Ortiz becomes a factor. Going into the ” championship rounds “, it has
become anyone’s fight.

Only a fool could not see that at this point Carlos was the fresher of
the two 다운로드. Esteban was wilting from the Ortiz body attack as well as his bully

A sustained body barrage puts Esteban down for a short count in the
thirteenth. Another body blistering has him down late in the fourteenth.
Somehow Esteban finds the strength to rally in the last round as it now
seems that Ortiz is spent 다운로드.

The final bell… The winner by a close but unanimous decision;
Carlos Ortiz !

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