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Book Review: By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Book Review


In 1984 a young 140 pound fighter from the Midwest entered the ranks of professional boxers with the dream of becoming a world champion. He was a straight forward, no nonsense southpaw who would throw punches from bell to bell. In a nutshell, he was a crowd pleaser. It was this style that earned him several appearances on the ESPN and USA cable boxing networks. His name is Jeff Bumpus and he carried the nickname “The Tazmanian Devil”. He would eventually learn that his dream would not become reality.

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Book Review

Book Review:  By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer




Every now and then a boxing book comes along that is just so good. You have to tell the world about it. Steve Canton’s book “Tributes, Memories And Observations” is just that book. Steve has been around boxing for decades as a fighter, trainer, cut man, manager, radio host and writer. He has been around the world and now he has put down in words his many experiences. The things he has seen along the way and the great people he has crossed paths with.




This book is a treasure of stories. It is not just about the accomplishments of boxers inside the ring. It is also about their exploits outside the ring as well. Personal stories that will capture your heart. With 370 pages of great reading, Steve added 550 photos. Many of them very rare. I truly enjoyed every moment reading this fine book. For me it is a top shelf keeper for my boxing book collection. I highly recommend it to all boxing fans. From the hard core to the casual. It is really just not about boxing. It is about life.

This book is fairly priced at $29.00. To order this book, please go to Steve Canton’s website

Book Review

In the Ring With Jack Johnson  Part I The Rise front coverAt 710 pages, In the Ring With Jack Johnson – Part I: The Rise by Adam J. Pollack is the most detailed and thorough book ever written on Jack Johnson. This book alone (the first of two on Johnson) covers the start of Jack Johnson’s career up to his winning the world heavyweight championship. It is chock-full of detailed descriptions of each bout from multiple local next-day primary sources. The book also contains plenty of context and background, details and perspectives about race from both white and black-owned newspapers, as well as approximately 225 rare photographs, cartoons, and advertisements. Boxing fans will obtain knowledge and insight into Jack Johnson’s life and career like never before.


This is the seventh book in Adam J. Pollack’s series on the heavyweight champions of the gloved era, which include: John L. Sullivan: The Career of the First Gloved Heavyweight Champion, In the Ring With James J. Corbett, In the Ring With Bob Fitzsimmons, In the Ring With James J. Jeffries, In the Ring With Marvin Hart, and In the Ring With Tommy Burns. Adam J. Pollack is a boxing judge, referee, and coach, and member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. He is also an attorney practicing law in Iowa City, Iowa.

 $39.95. Hardcover. 710 pages.

Available via,, and other online dealers.

Win By KO Publications (

Book Review

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

1001501_10201602159440871_281029963_n  BOOK PIC“Fifty Years of Fights, Fighters and Friendships” Author: Jerry Fitch

One of this year’s best boxing books has arrived this year.
“Fifty Years Of Fights, Fighters And Friendships” covers the boxing life journey
of the astute author Jerry Fitch. The author has seen a lot on his fifty year
venture. What impressed me was that Jerry accomplished most of this while
working at an unrelated full time job. Amazing !

Jerry has covered boxing all over the United States and other parts of the world.

He has rubbed shoulders with boxing royalty such as Ali, Frazier, Archie Moore and Roberto Duran. Fitch talks about these great fighters and many more.

Jerry also relives some of the great ring battles he has witnessed over his five decade span as a ringside reporter.

Fitch was fortunate enough to have developed great friendships with legends like Earnie Shavers and Jimmy McLarnin.

Then there is the very special bond he had with Cleveland’s greatest boxer Jimmy
Bivins. Jerry discusses all of these and so much more. It is such a smooth and
entertaining read. Jerry tells it like he saw it with great candor and spiced
with a healthy dash of wit. I found it very difficult to put this book down once
I started reading it. I felt like I was sitting with Jerry at a local tavern
sipping a cold one as he told his story. A truly wonderful book.

I highly recommend this for all boxing fans. It would make a great addition to
your boxing library. To find out how to purchase the book contact Jerry at ;

Book Review

9780979982279-JacketGray.inddBy Adam Pollack / Guest Post

Win By KO Publications is proud to announce the release of

Joe Jennette: Boxing’s Ironman

In this first and only biography of New Jersey heavyweight boxing contender Joe Jennette, author Joe Botti chronicles the life and career of this interracial athlete who competed in the longest boxing contest of the twentieth century. From 1904 to 1922, Jennette faced and defeated the most dangerous fighters of his era, including Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, and Sam McVea. Jennette was unable to secure a title shot due to the fact that the world was fixated with finding a Caucasian boxer to defeat Jack Johnson in the “great white hope” era. The story deals with the struggles of interracial romance, racism, and the world of boxing in the early twentieth century.

Joe Botti is the Founder and Head Coach of the Union City Boxing Club in Union City, N.J. A former amateur boxer, Botti has trained over 30 New Jersey Golden Glove champions and currently manages and trains professional and amateur boxers.

 The 448-page book contains over one-hundred rare photos, many never before published.

The book is available on and other internet booksellers.


Ringside with Johnny O


(L to R)  Johnny Ortiz, Danny Lujan, David Martinez  (June 23, 2001) reporting on ESPN radio from Las Vegas, Nevada prior to WBC Super Welterweight Championship: Oscar De La Hoya vs. Javier Castillejo

I would like to share an excellent video ( click on blue colored link below ) interview of one of my best friends and mentors Johnny Ortiz.

I have known Johnny for twenty years, and I consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable authorities in boxing that I have ever met. My fondest memories with him were the ten years we spent together in the World Boxing Hall of Fame as Board of Directors.  Also, we both had parts in the movie “After the Last Round” in 2009, and just hanging out with Johnny is delightful with his wealth of wisdom of life.

Book CoverHis book “My Life Among The Icons” is a top seller and truly a great read. For information regarding to purchase the book, you may contact his publisher AuthorHouse, at (888) 728-8467, ext 5023 and they will be happy to assist you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Johnny Ortiz is a 2008 recipient of the California Boxing Hall of Fame and and has written many boxing related articles for publication. He hosted the very first boxing radio talk show “Ringside with Johnny Ortiz” in Los Angeles, California from 1992 to 2004. He was co-owner of the Main Street Gym, a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has many film credits on his resume. Johnny is an honored United States Army veteran who servered two years with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea.

video credit – Luke Benson

Book Review

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

The Art of Boxing; Your Guide to the Sweet Science

Author: Bobby Mayne


Let me say that this is the best boxing training manual I have ever read. I have read many in the past including Nat Fleischer’s fine series. In my humble opinion,this tops them all. The author Bobby Mayne is a former boxer and now a trainer. This book must have taken hours and hours to put together. The end result is over 200 pages of instructions and photos. A truly priceless volume of knowledge.

The author leaves no stones unturned as he touches on every aspect of the Sweet Science. I was amazed at how well Mayne broke down every move, every punch and counter punch. Offensive strategy, defensive strategy… it’s all in this fine book. This is a must have for every fan of the art of boxing. A one of a kind masterpiece.

For information on purchasing this book, go to:

A BOOK REVIEW by David Martinez


By Johnny Ortiz

I am delighted to have Johnny Ortiz as one of my best friends, as I consider him to be one the most knowledgeable boxing authorities that I have ever met in my over fifty years of boxing.

His connection at the age of fifteen with LA’s most notorious gangster, his sinister lifestyle while working for a renowned private investigator, a fighter, trainer, and manager, Johnny’s exciting life involved close friendships with sports champions and Hollywood superstars.

A BOOK REVIEW by David Martinez


The Life of Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini

By Mark Kriegel

The book THE GOOD SON is a definitive biography that covers the full story of Ray’s quest for redemption – first for his father and then for himself. The narrative takes readers from the sweaty fight gyms of the 1940’s Brooklyn to the televised fights of the 1980’s, tracing the different careers of father and son, Lenny and Ray Mancini.

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A BOOK REVIEW by Jim Amato


This is by far the best boxing book I have read this year. Author Christian Giudice (Hands Of Stone: Roberto Duran), has scored another victory with this in depth look at the popular yet tragic Alexis Arguello.
The author covers Arguello’s life from the beginning until the bitter end. His fights are well documented here but the book itself goes beyond just his great accomplishments in the ring. It lets us take a look at the man. A man who at times was very complex to say the least.