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Holly Holm / Combat Champion

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By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Holly Holm is the only fighter who has won championships as a boxer and a championship as a Mixed Martial Artist teamviewer 12. Her most recent defeat at the hands of Kayla Harrison at the age of 42 showed maybe a fighter who no longer is the great fighter of the past.  Mother time always wins as she lost her recent bout but yet Holm has managed to put together a hall of fame career as a combat fighter 다운로드.

Holly Holm is the daughter of a pastor and had the nickname, the Preacher Daughter, and her first fight was a knockout win in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2002, the beginning of a combat sport career that extended 22 years to her recent MMA fight, but also includes boxing and kick boxing 윈도우 gcc 다운로드.

Holm career began in aerobics class at the age of 16 including cardio-kickboxing and her instructor saw talent and began instructing her.  She did amateur kicking boxing before going into a professional boxing career 다운로드.

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Fundora Defeats Tszyu – in Las Vegas – bloody Twelve Round Split Decision Win

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America and respected contributor to since 2008

Tim Tszyu fight with Keith Thurman was canceled but Sebastian Fundora ended up  the new challenger for the 154 titles 다운로드.  While Tszyu was already talking about an Errol Spence, Jr. fight, Fundora represents a significant challenge and may even been a tougher opponent than Thurman.  At 6’5”, he had the height advantage over Tsyzu which he used to his advantage in the fight 다운로드.

Tsyzu, who is the son of Hall of Fame fighter Kostya Tszyu, headlined his first big PPV card on U.S. soils on Prime Video.  Fundora, who was scheduled to fight Serhii Bohachuk, moved up to replace Thruman and for the rest of the story, Brian Mendoza replaced Fundora in fighting Bohachuk.  Bohachuk did in fact do what Tsyzu did, beat Mendoza in a decision.  (Mendoza did stop Fundora in their fight but has now lost two in a row to Bohachuk and Tsyzu.)  Bohachuk dominated the fight and the scorecard reflected that as he won 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110.  He dominated the fight, out landing Mendoza 319-168 punches over the twelve rounds, double the jab and double the power shots and more accurate overall 38 percent to 33 percent 윈도우 10 rs3 다운로드. Bohachuk is now looking to fighting the winner of Fundora-Tsyzu. 

I was not aware ErisLandy Lara was still fighting. Just joking but he is the oldest champion as he defended his WBA middleweight champion with an easy two round stoppage of Michael Zerafa 윈도우 10 스팀 다운로드.  He has now recorded three straight knockouts.

Now for the main event as Tszyu tried to find the range against Fundora who established his jab.   Tszyu used his right to the body but shots a right to the head failed to connect 제빵왕 김탁구 다운로드. Finally, he connected with a right to snap Fundora head back. The second round saw a double jab from Fundora as Tszyu jab landed in the body and he managed to land a right hand to the Fundora head.  Fundora bleeding from Tszyu shot and after two rounds, Tszyu up 20-18.

Tszyu gets nailed by an accidental elbow, and blood flowing from his scalps blinded him throughout the rest of the fight. Fundora lands shots as blood stream into Tszyu’s eye. Near the end of the round, both fighters trade shots at center ring and Tszyu lands a straight right.  The bloodbath continued for both fighters as Tszyu was still wiping blood from his eyes and Fundora took advantage as after four rounds he was tied on my score card, but he is also a bloody mess.

Tszyu landed right hand to the body but got nailed by hard left from Fundora.  Tszyu partially landed left hand while Fundora lands his shot as Tszyu partial vision is making it difficult to see punches.  He does land a decent left hand and buckled Fundora.  Tszyu starts the six with right hand to the body and these body shots are hard shots, but Fundora is landing stiff jabs.  Tszyu lands body shots with right and left while Fundora used his height and Tszyu blood.  At the halfway mark, Tszyu is up by 58-56 but these are close rounds.

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Joshua Destroys Ngannou … 2nd Round Knockout


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWWA)

Anthony Joshua scored a brutal KO Win Over Francis Ngannou in a fight that many thought would be competitive, but Ngannou was hoping to repeat the close fight against Fury, which included a Ngannou knockdown of Fury.  A few thought Ngannou should have been declared winner of his bout with Fury but not this fight.  Joshua dominated from the opening bell which included two knockdowns before the final knockout caused by a vicious right hand.  In two minutes, Joshua did to Ngannou what many thought Fury would do 김어준 뉴스공장. This was a fight between one of the best heavyweights versus an MMA star fighter trying to adjust to boxing. 

Joshua spent the first half of the opening round avoiding Ngannou’s left hooks and then as Ngannou attempted to switch to a southpaw stance, Joshua nailed him with a right hand that sent Ngannou tumbling backward.  Ngannou got up at the count of eight but as the second round began, Joshua sent Ngannou down a second time and then finally a vicious right sent Ngannou down for good.  Three right hands and that dealt the end of Ngannou. 

Joshual came in this fight prepared and took his opponent seriously while Ngannou managed to get a big PPV payday financed by the Saudi’s based on his close fight with Fury.   Joshua treated Ngannou as a newcomer as he exploited his opponent sieve-like defense. 

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Foster Defeats Nova … Cortes By “KO” Over Chevalier / ESPN Results (2-16-24) From New York


By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

O’Shaquie Foster defended his WBC super-feather weight title with a tough win over Abraham Nova with a split decision win  It was a close fight, and the scores were 115-112 and 116-111 for Foster and 114-113 for Nova.    Foster victory was his 12th victory in a row and his successful defense of his title that he won from Rey Vegas.  The final round saw Foster knocking Nova down with twenty seconds down for a 10-8 to cement his victory. 

Nova, however, did give a good account of himself and put himself in a position of another championship shot. 

Foster began pushing the action during the first round, but the action was cautious through the first three rounds as neither fighter took many chances. 

Foster threw two effective combinations in the fourth round, but Nova out landed him twelve punches to four and was the most active over most of the fight but while Nova threw more punches, Foster was the more accurate punches.  This fight was close according to CompuBox numbers 139 punches landed for the champion and 122 for the challenger with several rounds either tied or decided by one or two punches but Nova needed 701 punches to get his 122 landed punches and had less than 20 percent accuracy whereas Foster landed nearly 33 percent of his punches including 40 percent of his power shots. 

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Buatis Defeats Azeez / London Fight (2-3-24) … Benn Defeats Dobson / Las Vegas Fight (2-3-24)


By Ton Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Joshua Buatis defeated Dan Azeez in what was called a light heavyweight eliminator in a 12-round decision as judges scored it 116-100, 117-109 and 117-109.   Buatis is now 18-0 with thirteen stoppages and is in line with the winner of the Beterview vs Bivol. 


Buatis’ bodywork and quick left hand proved decisive in the fight and added two knock downs in round eleven.  This was a clear victory for Buatis as his power punching was the difference as he connected on 35 percent of them and landed 152 power shot to seventy-two for Azeez. 

Buatis’ power punching was the difference, as he out landed Azeez 152-72, hitting on 35% and throwing one hundred more 다운로드. Buatis also landed fifty-two body shots whereas Azeez landed a few more jabs.   Overall, a good fight. 

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Munguia Stops Ryder – Round 9

패션오브 크라이스트 다운로드

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Jaime Munguia faced John Ryder for the WBC Silver Super Middleweight championship.  Munguia started fast and Ryder attacked as much as he defended as Ryder landed a right hook while Munguia left hook landed on top.   I gave the first round to Munguia and Munguia started the second round with a vicious attack and as Ryder attempted to short uppercut, Munguia landed an aright hook and then followed up with combination that sent Ryder down.  Munguia now led 20-17 on my scorecard cython 다운로드.

Munguia starts the third round fast looking to end the fight, but Ryder does nail him with two solids shots  Ryder went down a second time, but the referee rules a slip but in the fourth round Ryder stops Munguia in his trace with a huge left and both fighters exchange bombs.  Just as Ryder looks like he is gaining momentum and throws a big right-hand haymaker, he gets countered and down he went again and this time the referee rules it knockdown 윈도우 8.1 한글 언어 팩 다운로드.

After four rounds, it is 40-34 for Munguia and Ryder was in a big hole and CompuBox has Munguia landing twenty-nine power shots to Ryder 18 after three rounds 다운로드.

Going into the fifth round, Ryder needed to make drastic changes as he was behind on points and the problem for Ryder is that he didn’t have the power of Munguia who staggered Ryder in an exchange.  Munguia was coming through Ryder’s punches, but Ryder had no choice but to keep fighting if he wanted a chance to win 다운로드. After five it was 50-43.

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Beterbiev Crushes Smith – 7th Round Stoppage


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … contributor to since 2008

Callum Smith, after his loss to Saul Alveraz moved up to light heavyweight division and he has never ever been stopped or even hit the canvas in his career.  He faced Arthur Beterbiev, the wrecking ball of the light heavyweight division.   Beterbiev had won every fight by knockout and may even be the best light heavy even though the undefeated Dmitrii Bivol might disagree. 

Smith landed one good right in the first round but that was about his success as Beterbiev simply dominated the first round and this round reflected all the other rounds as this was an easy fight to score as Beterbiev averaged twenty-six punches landed before he finally stopped Smith.  Smith only averaged a little more than eight punches per round and for every Smith punch landed, Smith suffered three shots most of them power shots 다운로드.

Beterviev landed his jabs more effectively and showed his boxing skills as he out landed jabs against Smith as he ninety-five jabs for nearly 39 percent rate versus twenty-eight jabs for only 16 percent.  Beterbiev outslugged Smith and he out boxed Smith plus Smith only landed 16 percent of his punches, so Beterbiev defense was superior 신이라 불리운 사나이 다운로드.

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Inoue by KNOCKOUT over Tapales – Round 10


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Naoya Inoue, the undisputed junior featherweight which he won over Stephen Fulton, took on decided on Philippines fighter Marlon Tapales and with the intention of grabbing his junior featherweights titles windows 10 enterprise.  Tapales was game but unfortunately he was against possibly the best pound for pound boxer in the world and one of the great boxing talents of a generation.  Inoue dominated the fight from the beginning.  Tapales was tough and during the fourth and fifth round, Inoue landed fifty-six punches in those two rounds and even sent Tapales down once but yet Tapales continued to fight until he was stopped for good in the tenth round 포인터 포커스 다운로드. Going into the ninth round, I had the fight 90-81, a shutout.

Tapales was the underdog, and it was obvious since Inoue landed three times as many punches as his opponent why Tapales was the underdog 정도전 45회 다운로드.  In the tenth round, a right hand ended it all.  Inoue is a rare talent that combines boxing skills and power  He can out jab his opponent and his power often proves too much.  In the fourth round, Inoue turned up the heat as he sent Tapales to the canvas, but Tapales’ warrior instinct came through as he continued to take Inoue best before the Inoue right ended the fight 다운로드.

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Wilder vs. Parker / Joshua vs. Wallin … Heavyweight Bouts (12-23-23) From Saudi Arabia

By Tom Donelson / Respected, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Deontay Wilder took on Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua was fighting Otto Wallin as they prepare for their own super fight in 2024 but then if any of these fighters lose, this would put a damper on that big money fight 다운로드.

For Wilder, this was not a gimme as he has fought only one fight since the Fury trilogy, a one round knockout of Robert Helenius whereas Parker maintained his activity with four fights in 2023.  Wilder has his issues with boxers, and Parker was the WBO champion before losing that over five years ago to Anthony Joshua. 

As for Joshua, he was on the top of the world and the king of the Heavyweights before he was knocked out by Anthony Ruiz.  Since then, he has lost twice to Oleksander Usyk before winning his last bout against Robert Helenius.  Wallin was a tough fighter who gave Tyson Fury a good fight 다운로드.

The first round between Wilder and Parker was a feeling out round with only real punches landed by Parker but in the second round Parker superior boxing skills started to show with a few body shots.  Through the third round, Parker connected on the more meaningful punch, and this continued into the fourth round as Parker became more aggressive with his offences as he stuck his jab in Wilder face and ended the round with a left hook 다운로드. After four rounds, it was 40-36 for Parker.

In the fifth round, Parker forced Wilder to retreat with effective jabs and good right hand and throughout the sixth round Wilder was looking for a one shot, something he had tendency to do when being outboxed.  Parker was the more accurate puncher as he lands a nice right in the middle of round and concludes the round with body shots  So far I have it an easy shut out for Parker 60-54 다운로드.

The seventh round wa like the previous rounds as Parker defense kept Wilder at bay and while Wilder is failed to connect with his right, but Parker landed a few rights of his own.  Now Wilder was behind  seven rounds to zero.  And the eighth round, Parker rolls from a Wilder right and he nailed with his own rights, plus combinations flurries 뿌리깊은 나무. One big right hurt Wilder left him stagger and the referee took a long look to see if it could be stopped.  It was getting late for Wilder as he had yet to take a round from Parker.  With four rounds left, it is 80-72 on my card.

The ninth round repeated the previous nine rounds as Parker  landed his right hand whereas Wilder couldn’t connect on his powerful round.  Wilder connected on only twenty-four punches compared to Parker sixty-three punches after nine rounds.

The tenth and eleventh round saw Parker continue his domination as he proved to the more accurate puncher and with one round left, it was 110-99. Parker was now one round away from winning this fight. Wilder tried to land big right hands but failed to land a punch of consequences and Parker won the fight easily as the judges had it 118-111, 118-110 and 120-108.  (I am assuming one judge had one round even, but I was hard pressed to reward even one round to Wilder).


The big money fight between Joshua and Wilder is now in jeopardy and Wilder time as a contender for the title may be coming close to an end.  Wilder showed all his weakness, his failure to adopt and his failure to improve his boxing skill to cover those times when the knockout doesn’t come showed up.  At 38, he looked old, and the ravages of the Fury fight may had their impact.  Wilder never landed more than six punches in all twelve rounds.  

Parker connected on 41 percent of his power shots and landed more than double of power shots and his jab was more effective setting up his power shots.

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Devin Haney Dominates Regis Prograis ~ By “Unanimous” Decision … Espinoza Over Ramirez

By Tom Donelson / contributor to www.dmboxing since 2008 / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

This past Saturday, Devin Haney challenged Regis Prograis for Prograis WBC 140-pound championship 다운로드. Haney had yet to lose in his thirty fights with fifteen knockouts and Prograis came in the fight with only one loss with twenty-nine victories and twenty-four knockouts 다운로드.

Haney obtained his lightweight title when he defeated George Kambosos Jr in Kambosos  backyard in Australia and then won the rematch before winning a close fight against Vasyl Lomachenko. 

Prograis won his title from Jose Zepeda in an 11th round knockout before struggling in a split decision against Danielito Zorrilla in his first defense and now he faced the slick boxer, Haney.  This was a bout featuring the slick boxer versus the puncher 다운로드.

Haney out jabbed Prograis and was busier fighter and I had him winning round one but a close round as Prograis had solid body shots. Haney was the busier fighter over the next two rounds and in the third round, Haney knocked Prograis down with a right for a 10-8 round 코렐드로우 x5 다운로드. This was the first major surprise of the evening, and I had the fight 30-26. Haney landed twenty-three punches to Prograis 13 and while Haney only connected on 26% of his fight but Prograis landed 13%. 

In the fourth round, Haney continued his boxing and landed more punches as Prograis looked tentative from the previous rounds and now it was 50-45 for Haney on my card 김태우 사랑비.

Haney took Prograis to school as through the first half he landed fifty-eight punches to only twenty for Prograis.

The seventh and eight round, Haney continued to school Prograis who looked lost and unable to figure out a way to change the tide.  Haney combinations flowed effortlessly and after eight rounds, Haney pitched a shutout 80-71. 

In the ninth round, Prograis threw a left hook that missed wildly and then it was Haney who simply landed any punch he wanted and dominated his opponent and now after nine rounds, it was 90-80.

Haney now going for the knockout in the tenth as he simply throwing combinations and in the eleventh round, Prograis face was a swollen mess as he was simply being outclassed by Haney.  And in the final round, Haney put the finishing touch of an easy shutout victory and I had the fight 120-107. And all the judges agreed with me, 120-107.

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