Chuck Bodak Update

Thank You Michele for your continuing up dates on truly a boxing icon Chuck Bodak.

Here is my favorite picture of him that I took ten years ago, October 1997 다운로드.

Chuck Bodak

Chuck Bodak, born in Gary Indiana, started boxing at the young age of 13, and later at the age of 20 became a coach & instructor microsoft office 365.

Through the years he worked with many kids in boxing in the Gary and Chicago area, before he became what he is known as today – one of the best ever cutmen in boxing history 다운로드.

He has worked in the corners (just to name a few) for Jimmy Ellis, Bob Foster, Albert Davila, Thomas Hearns and Oscar De La Hoya.

May our sincerest prayers go out to Chuck Bodak for a speedy recovery!

Please read the message from Michelle Chong.

David Martinez / Boxing Historian


Message from Michelle Chong:

Hello all,
Thank you for your continued support with our friend, Chuck Bodak.
All of your messages and prayers have been relayed to him 🙂
Chuck is out of the hospital and has moved to a rehabilitation center /convalescent home.
Please continue to send cards and feel free to visit!!!
Here is his current location:
Coventry Court
2040 S. Euclid Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802
attn.: Vasil “Chuck” Bodak
Visiting hours are: 11 am-8 pm
Best wishes,
Michele Chong

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