Chuck Bodak Update

Thank You Michele for your continuing up dates on truly a boxing icon Chuck Bodak.

Here is my favorite picture of him that I took ten years ago, October 1997.

Chuck Bodak

Chuck Bodak, born in Gary Indiana, started boxing at the young age of 13, and later at the age of 20 became a coach & instructor.

Through the years he worked with many kids in boxing in the Gary and Chicago area, before he became what he is known as today – one of the best ever cutmen in boxing history.

He has worked in the corners (just to name a few) for Jimmy Ellis, Bob Foster, Albert Davila, Thomas Hearns and Oscar De La Hoya.

May our sincerest prayers go out to Chuck Bodak for a speedy recovery!

Please read the message from Michelle Chong.

David Martinez / Boxing Historian


Message from Michelle Chong:

Hello all,
Thank you for your continued support with our friend, Chuck Bodak.
All of your messages and prayers have been relayed to him 🙂
Chuck is out of the hospital and has moved to a rehabilitation center /convalescent home.
Please continue to send cards and feel free to visit!!!
Here is his current location:
Coventry Court
2040 S. Euclid Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802
attn.: Vasil “Chuck” Bodak
Visiting hours are: 11 am-8 pm
Best wishes,
Michele Chong

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