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Adrien Broner / Eloy Perez
Marcos Madiana / Devon Alexander

By David Tyler

Boxing expert, David Martinez is paying doghouse boxing another visit. This time to provide expert analysis of this Saturday’s fights on HBO at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

David Tyler : David, I am looking forward to Saturday’s HBO Boxing After Dark. I believe these are two quality fights. Your thoughts about this fight card?
David Martinez : The fight card will feature two very promising fights Reddit download. I am impressed that HBO will start this year’s Boxing After Dark fights with four really good boxers.

DT : I like the Adrien Broner/ Eloy Perez match-up. One of these two guys will take a giant leap forward with an impressive victory. Agree?
DM : Certainly I would agree. Adrien Broner has a great opportunity to be one of boxing’s next superstars. Both of these fighters have undefeated records but Eloy Perez has two draws and one no-decision. As I examine the resumes of both fighters…it’s the knockout percentage that gets my attention 다운로드. Broner has a 22-0 record with 18 knockouts. Perez has seven knockouts in 26 fights. We have discussed this before…on the surface it looks like one fighter has more power than the other guy…maybe that’s true but you really have to take a close look at the opponents and their records.

DT : So I shouldn’t take it for granted that Broner will score a knock out?
DM : Both of these fighters are very good…legitimate top 10 boxers in the Featherweight division. Perez needs to be very careful during the first two or three rounds. Broner brings a lot of raw power to the ring and it’s those early rounds that will dictate if Perez has enough boxing skills to avoid those punches and counter with some shots of his own 다운로드. This will be a very competitive fight.

DT : David, this fight takes place in the Junior Lightweight Division 130 pounds. Can you give me your top five active fighters in the Featherweight and Junior Lightweight divisions?
DM : Let’s start with the Featherweights (126 lbs.) – 1. Yukiorkis Gamboa, 2. Chris John, 3. Orlando Salido, 4. Juan Manuel Lopez, and 5. Johnny Gonzalez. My Junior Lightweights (130 lbs.) — 1. Takashi Uchyama, 2 다운로드. Adrien Broner, 3. Juan Carlos Salgado, 4. Roman Martinez, and 5. Eloy Perez.

DT: Good picks and both Broner and Perez make your top five. Can you pick the winner of the fight?
DM: If forced to pick a winner, I would go with Broner…he is younger, appears to have more power, and I just think that this is his time. Both of these fighters have been very active. I think that Broner has fought better opponents and that may be just the edge to carry him in this fight 다운로드.

DT: Next, HBO’s main event this Saturday, February 25th, will be the Marcos Maidana/ Devon Alexander fight. Let’s take a look at this fight.
DM: This is another competitive fight with two fighters in the top 10 at Junior Welterweight level. Neither one of these fighters will have trouble making the 147 lbs. They have both fought at Welterweight during their careers. This will be a 10 round fight…not 12 rounds.

DT: Marcos Maidana is a very entertaining ‘gunslinger’ type fighter 다운로드. Your thoughts about Maidana?
DM: What can you say about Maidana with that great victory over Victor Ortiz. That’s what the fans remember about Marcos Maidana. Let’s take a look at the flip side of Maidana. When he fought Erik Morales, I had that fight even after 10 rounds. Of course you could say that Morales fought the fight of his life or you could take the position that Maidana has some flaws in his style. Maybe you could make a case that Morales was the more experienced fighter. Let’s give Maidana credit for closing the show by winning the last two rounds for the victory 다운로드. That fight was one of last year’s top contenders for ‘fight of the year.’ My resources told me that he had a very successful training camp in Puerto Rico. His trainer, Rudy Perez, has had health problems so Maidana will have a new trainer in his corner.

DT: We spoke earlier that Maidana has had trouble with two fighters that had the advantage with boxing skills…Amir Khan and Erik Morales. Your thoughts about Devon Alexander?
DM: Alexander is another top 10 fighter. Very good boxing skills…what you would call a ‘pure boxer.’ Both he and Madiana a former Junior Welterweight champions sony playmemories. Alexander has not fought in eight months and that may be a factor in this fight. On the positive side for Alexander is that it’s home turf in St. Louis and it’s only a ten round fight. He is a lefty and he has a lot to prove in this fight. I thought he would beat Tim Bradley and I was wrong. Devon Alexander will be highly motivated to establish himself as a solid contender in the Welterweight division. Yes, we spoke about the fact that I will always take a pure boxer over a pure puncher xcode 10. So if you ask me who I would pick…I’m going with Alexander.

DT: David, can we take a look at your list of top five active fighters in the two Welterweight divisions?
DM: Let’s start with the Junior Welterweights — 1. Timothy Bradley, 2. Lamont Peterson, 3. Amir Khan, 4. Marcos Maidana, 5. Devon Alexander. Now the Welterweights — 1. Floyd Mayweather Jr., 2. Manny Pacquiao, 3. Victor Ortiz, 4. Andre Berto, 5. Vyacheslav Senchenko.

DT: Good picks — What really stands out it that HBO is presenting two fights with fighters ranked in the top five of their respective divisions 크리스마스 카드 이미지 다운로드.
DM: All four of these boxers are top quality fighters. These are not fighters on their way up the ladder or have seen their better days. All four boxers are still in their prime…each has a lot to gain with a victory. I really appreciate the fact that HBO is presenting these type fights to their subscribers.

DT: I am looking forward to both fights and I agree this could be the ‘perfect storm’ brewing Saturday night. All four of these boxers will come to fight, they will be in great shape, they are highly motivated to win…a boxing fan’s dream! David thank you very much for your valuable insight for these fights.
DM: I am always happy to help and we will talk again. Take care.

Readers: For more about David Martinez, check out his website at dmboxing.com. Once again, the fights will be presented on HBO’s Boxing After Dark, this Saturday, February 25th, from the Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri…the hometown of Devon Alexander.

These fighters are at the stage of their careers where these are very important fights that will play a huge role in determining

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  1. Hey Dave, we were very disappointed that Eloy Perez was named to fight Broner. Perez had only seven knockouts on his record, a very flat nose, that’s a fighter who gets hit to much. When he came out with a low left hand we knew the end was near, you don’t carry a low left hand against a fast powerful puncher. This was a set up bout for Broner, high paid sparring.

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