Do You Have Your Official Web Site T-Shirt???

It has now been a year and a month since I introduced my boxing website to the world 세인트세이야 오메가 다운로드. Your fan support has been much appreciated and do you have your official website t-shirt?

I want to alert you that since making my website t-shirt available, in December 2007, I have done every thing possible to keep the price at the “same” low cost of $15.00 each, or two for $25.00, with FREE shipping to any where in the continental United States 다운로드.

Website t-shirts are a attractive white cotton (Haines) long sleeve polo t-shirt with my official website logo on front. They are available in sizes: large (L), extra large (XL) and double XX (2XX) 다운로드.

To order this product and to be a part of team, simply send a check or money order only (NO cash) with your size requested and with your return address to:

David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Post Office Box 41536
Santa Barbara, CA 93140