Floyd Mayweather … what’s next?

MayweatherBy TOM DONELSON / Member Boxing Writers Assoc 네이버 움짤.

So what does Floyd Mayweather do now after his rematch win over Maidana?   The number one criteria for Mayweather will be which fighter can bring big PPV’s numbers since the name of the game is big PPV numbers.  Mayweather vs 다운로드. Maidana 2 (September 13, 2014) had sales of 925,000 buys, which is a slight increase over their first fight and so far since Mayweather signed his six fight contract with Showtime; only one of his fight has gone over million, that being his fight with Canelo Alvarez which exceeded 2 million buys.   This was considered the highest PPV event of the year but there is a decline in PPV buys with both Mayweather and Pacquiao no longer consider automatic 1 million plus buys by themselves ssdt download.

Mayweather is headed for what he wants to be a climatic end to a career as one gets the impression that he is aiming for 49-0 and good bye.  Showtime has two more fights on this contract and while the numbers generated has yet to match their own expectation, Showtime at least have broadcast the big events in the boxing world 다운로드.

The question is now where does Mayweather go for his next big event.  The two names mention are either Amir Khan or Miguel Cotto.  Cotto last PPV with Martinez disappointed and Mayweather already defeated Cotto even though Cotto provided a competitive fight.  The two things gives Cotto’s the edge will be that he has in the past been a big draw with a guarantee audience 다운로드. The second aspect is that his victory over Sergio Martinez was impressive enough that maybe boxing fans will view a rematch having a different results.  While many view Cotto victory over Sergio Martinez as a victory over an aged fighter but before the fight, it was Martinez the favorite and it was Cotto that many thought as the fighter with one fight too many.   Cotto looked impressive under the guidance of Freddie Roach.  The negative is that they have fought once already and will the fans buy a PPV hoping for a different outcome 다운로드.

Khan has the speed and talent to fight Mayweather and like many British fighters, he will fill up a live arena but will that translate in PPV?   For Mayweather, it is about PPV numbers and at the age of 37 years, Mayweather is on the downside of his career.  After his last fight, he admitted that he was getting hit with shots that he shouldn’t have and certainly while he looked better in the rematch with Maidana; Mayweather own words shows that Mayweather is aware that father time is starting to move in.  As for Khan, he has come up short in big events 2020 수능 다운로드.

Others have talked of Keith Thurman but Thurman represent a risk as he will draw low PPV numbers compare to others and he has the talent to beat Mayweather at this stage in Mayweather’s career.  So Thurman-Mayweather is intriguing match; I don’t see it happening 여고시절 다운로드.

Which leaves us with one big fight that should have happened years ago and even at this stage in their career, it could still be a big PPV.  Pacquiao-Mayweather is the fight that should have happened years ago and over the past few years, Pacquiao has lost to Bradley, a loss he revenged and suffered a knock out at the hands of Marquez.  Pacquiao and Mayweather are not the fighters they were just five years ago but they still have enough talent to make this worthwhile match plus since fans are not buying PPV fights with either fighters alone; maybe it is time to say yes to a big money making event 다운로드.

There is enough political and personal reasons including spats between promoters but neither fighters have long to fight so why not one big pay day?   For both fighters, there are hundreds of millions reason to have this fight, like one hundred million dollars’ worth of PPV and most of the time, it is money that determines whether fight will happen or not.

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  1. mayweather schould only think about fighting either thurman or triple GGG and he won’t he will gave some excuse. He is a good talker that he wants to fight the best so prove it. Your no Muhammad Ali.

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