FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

(Fall 2019 Edition)

The Fall season is here and once again it’s that time to say thank you to all for making this website one of your choices in boxing 다운로드. It is my pleasure and I treasure the opportunity to provide the best of boxing as I know it to everyone.

A small team of people that help enhance and whom I would like to acknowledge are: Bob Quackenbush (Lead Assistant / Proof Reader); Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader); Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer / Boxing Historian); Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America); Steve Corbo (Boxing Writer / Proof Reader); Harold Lederman (R.I.P 인도영화 로봇 다운로드. / Hey Harold / HBO World Championship Boxing); and Rusty Rubin (R.I.P. / In Rusty’s Corner / Glove2Glove). [Note: Rusty was the first to contribute to dmboxing in July 2007] 다운로드.

The young ladies that have modeled my products over the years have certainly added beauty and, although not professional models, they have contributed with class and charm 제주도 지도 다운로드.

The attractive website hat displayed in the photo above (thank you model Sandria) is a top selling product 아이폰 링크 다운로드. It is embroidered with the official logo on the front and website address on the backside. It has an adjustable Velcro strap to fit all sizes. To order, send check or money order (NO cash please) in the amount of $18.50 to: David Martinez Boxing, 810 Coronel Street, Santa Barbara, California 93109 … and this includes FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA mail zones 다운로드.

It has now been two months since we lost one the greatest boxers, Pernell Whitaker 다운로드. He was a champion in four different weight divisions, and accumulated an outstanding professional record of 40 wins, 4 losses, one draw, and one no-contest, with 17 by knockout 웹툰 독고 다운로드. Many have asked me where I rank him amongst the elite lightweights of all time. My ranking is at #6, with my top ten being (in order) Benny Leonard, Roberto Duran, Joe Gans, Tony Canzoneri, Jimmy McLarnin, Pernell Whitaker, Carlos Ortiz, Ike Williams, Freddie Welsh, and Battling Nelson 7080 노래 mp3 다운로드.

I am very active on Facebook, as some might know, and I also contribute a few of my selected article pieces to the various boxing blogs 다운로드. I also treasure being connected to friends that offer their positive input and expertise on boxing, and they are: Khadi Madama, Eamo Clyne, Tre Berry III, Buddy Gibbs, Robert Chingiz Vladimir, Rick Gagne, Darin Dobson, George Rodriguez, Scott Ganipe, Henry Hascup, Gene Aguilera, Joel Foose, Eddie Gates, Jim Amato, Kevin Kenn, Steve Rodarte, Ted Sares, Michael Culbert, Tom Linville, Riachard Schwartz, Ernie Barraza, Rudy Mondragon, Mike Lickers, Bryan Peele, Monte Cox, Ernie Arroyo, Greg Gorecky, Hugo Corral, Joe D. Maree, Peter Silkov, Burney Spencer, Dave Trujillo, David King, David Harrington, Roy Bennett, Dennis Rappaport, Dan Ankofski, Duane Lephart, Michael Atkins, Kevin Sanders, Tina Quarry-Lang, Rick Glaser, Andrew Senior, Jeneva Warren, Robert Mondragon, Stephen Donatelli, Chris Wey, and Aram Alkhazoff. The amazing thing about these people is that we all have a difference of opinions, but honor each other with respect and class. If I have missed anybody on my list, pardon me, my apology.

In closing, I want to say thank you to all that have kindly supported this website with your loyalty; its an honor to serve you!

Here’s my current ranking of the top “pound for pound” dozen (12) boxers:

(as of September 23, 2019)

1 – Terence Crawford (35-0 / 26 by KO)

2 – Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-1 / 10 by KO)

3 – Oleksandr Usyk (16-0 / 12 by KO)

4 – Naoya Inoue (18-0 / 16 by KO)

5 – Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2 / 35 by KO)

6 – Errol Spence Jr. (25-0 / 21 by KO)

7 – Juan Francisco Estrada (40-3 / 27 by KO)

8 – Gennady Golovkin (39-1-1 / 35 by KO)

9 – Leo Santa Cruz (36-1-1 / 19 by KO)

10 – Donnie Nietes (42-1-5 / 23 by KO)

11 – Mikey Garcia (39-1 / 30 by KO)

12 – Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2 / 39 by KO)

3 thoughts on “FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

  1. Thank you very much for mentioning me David. I am proud to call you my friend. You are one of the most genuine people that I have encountered. I love your site and the knowledge that you share.

  2. Hello David,
    What an honor for you to mention me in this excellent article, as well as my Boxing History and Media partner, Eamo Clyne. We are so proud to be listed among such an elite group but more than that, receiving such a kind reference. I hope that when you get a chance you will come on over to Clyne’s Corner and take a little while to read my Boxing Mysteries that I’ve been posting in weekly episodes. Keep up the good work, dear friend. Boxing needs genuine people like you. Thank you again for mentioning us on your beautiful and content rich website. You are a true talent yourself!

  3. David,

    I consider it an Honor, to have been added to such an Elite Field of True
    Boxing Historians, who not only Love our Great Sport of Boxing, but the
    the welfare of the athlete’s themselves. I have spent 52yrs of my Life
    in and around our Great Sport as an Amateur and Professional Boxer,
    now serving our Great City of Columbus, Ohio as an Assistant Coach to
    James ” Buster ” Douglas, at Thompson Recreation Center. We are very
    blessed to have an individual of your caliber, to promote and report
    the General Welfare of the Sport with such expertise. Because at the
    end of the day, we are One Great Big Family Worldwide, who Love and
    Respect one another.

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