FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez


(Winter 2015 Edition)

By popular request, I am posting the video tour of my boxing collection 다운로드. I have been involved in boxing since 1961 (54 years).

Over those years I have been blessed by seeing and knowing some of the greatest fighters in the world 다운로드. I live boxing every day, so I feel that my wealth of knowledge is of the highest degree.

This website was founded in July 2007. I post an average of 10 to 12 different items per month for publishing.  I appreciate my growing fan base and the support you have given me 웹사이트 소스 다운로드. It’s all about credibility and I strive to bring everybody the best in boxing that I can produce.

Behind the scenes are a group of people that help and enhance this website. They are: John Boitnott (Webmaster); Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reader/Photo Editing), Rusty Rubin (R.I.P.); Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer); Tom Donelson (Member, Boxing Writers Association of America); Harold Lederman (Hey Harold!); Steve Corbo (Guest Post Writer); and Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader).

I have lots of people ask me boxing related questions. I try to do my best, my very best, to be honest and truthful and to also respect their opinions.  Some of the most often asked questions are:

  • Who is greatest fighter “pound for pound” ever?  The answer is Sugar Ray Robinson.
  • Who would win between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, had they fought in their primes, in a 15 round fight?  The answer is Ali.
  • Are Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao going to fight?  The answer is “yes”.
  • Who are your favorite boxers of the past? The answer is Marvin Hagler and Alexis Arguello.
  • What are your favorite boxing movies?  The answer is “Raging Bull” and “The Set Up”.
  • Who had the best (but most underrated) jab?  The answer is Hedgemon Lewis and Mando Ramos.
  • What was one of the worst decisions you have seen?  The answer is Carlos Zarate vs. Lupe Pintor.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions. If you would like to contact me directly, you can do so via my email address:

(Click onto the link below to view the video of the boxing tour)

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  1. David I read you web site Sunday morning entertaining and informative thank you for all your dedicated work I know it is not easy squezzing this into your busy schedule Also thank you for your unflenching friendship over the years Very precious to me God bless you. your friend Jeff

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