FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian  

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas 2009 and to say thank you for making my website one of your choices in boxing. Since the birth of this website in July 2007, there have been many people that have contributed to it’s success and I would like to acknowledge them at this time. In no particular, order the main ingredients are John Boitnott (producer), Eric Angella (webmaster), Bob Quackenbush (proof reader & photo proofing), Nancy Cole (proof reader), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (boxing writer), Rick Farris (boxing writer), and Ray Cerda (boxing reporter & free lance writer) 다운로드.

My t-shirt girls are Suzie (Dec 2007 & Feb 2008), Jania (April 2008), Maryuri (May 2008), Xochitl (July 2008), Natalie (Aug 2008), Julie (Sept 2008), Krista (Nov 2008), Morgan (Dec 2008), Adriana (Jan 2009), Marteena (March 2009), Nina (May 2009), Adria (July 2009), Beverly (Aug 2009), Lexy (Sept 2009), Athena (Oct 2009), and Briana (Dec 2009) 다운로드.

My hat girls are Samantha (Jan 2009), Suzie (Feb 2009), Tanya (March 2009), Maryuri (May 2009), Evelin (July 2009), Nina (Sept 2009), Daniella (Oct 2009), and Caitlin (Dec 2009) 다운로드.

The links available on my “Blogroll” are HBO Boxing, Amato Boxing, Showtime Boxing, Talkin’ Boxing, Brian Hughes from the UK, Retired Boxers Foundation, and Duke’s Boxing. They certainly offer the best in the sport.

On a personal note, I would like to encourage you to support my friend Johnny Ortiz on the release of his new book which is now available at your favorite book store. To order, simply give the store the book’s title, “My Life Among the Icons”, and the name of it’s publisher – PublishAmerica … it’s a great read and I know you will enjoy it.

As the New Year 2010 comes, I will continue to offer you the best in boxing. Your support as fans is much appreciated as you continue staying tuned to Thank you and Merry Christmas!