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It is that time again when it’s simply my pleasure to say “thank you” to some very special people who have contributed to the continuing success of this website 오늘부터 우리는 다운로드.

In no particular order they are John Boitnott (producer), Eric Angella (web master), Bob Quackenbush and Nancy Cole (proof readers), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (senior boxing writer), and, beginning next week, another feature writer – former boxer and my friend, Rick Farris – who will add his comments and expertise to dmboxing 디그더그2 다운로드.

My t-shirt girls have certainly added a beautiful touch, posing while wearing my product; they are Suzie (Dec 2007/ Feb 2008), Jania (April 2008), Maryuri (May 2008), Xochitl (July 2008), Natalie (Aug 2008), Julie (Sept 2008), Krista (Nov 2008), Morgan (Dec 2008), Adriana (Jan 2009), Marteena (Mar 2009), Nina (May 2009), Adria (July 2009), Beverly (Aug 2009), Lexy (Sept 2009), and, coming later this month wearing and introducing my new blue t-shirt – Athena 마이크로소프트 프레임워크.

The new blue color dmboxing t-shirts will be available for purchase in all sizes in about two weeks and at a low, reasonable price of $10.00 each. They were made by Garrett Gerstenberger at STEGERPRINTING@YAHOO.COM.

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I would also like to acknowledge my attached links that you can conveniently find in the category section under “Blogroll”; those links are HBO Boxing, Amato Boxing, Showtime Boxing, Talkin’ Boxing, Duke’s Boxing, Retired Boxers Foundation, and Brian Hughes from the United Kingdom … they and I will continue to offer you only the best in boxing.

As a boxing historian, I live boxing every day of my life and I want to serve you by bringing you boxing in a way that only I can. The fan mail, e-mails, and phone calls that I receive are most welcome, and thanks for keeping that in a positive manner … your opinions are respected.

I know you have many choices in boxing, and that is why I sincerely appreciate that you have made this website one of them – thank you!