FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian

(Fall 2011 Edition)

On a quarterly basis, I always write to thank and acknowledge the many people that make this website the success that it is 다운로드. My producer, John Boitnott, is simply brilliant in putting my work together to be viewed by our many fans in a positive and professional manner. My other key people who do their part in outstanding fashion are: Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reader and Photo Editing), Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer), Tom Donelson (Fight Correspondent Writer), Rick Farris (Free Lance Boxing Writer), and Ray Luna (Photographer) 다운로드. Without these people I would literally be a captain of a ship with no crew; their input is valued beyond belief and I am so grateful.

My t-shirt, hat, and tank top girls, who pose wearing my products, add a personal touch as they contribute their beauty and support to this website 다운로드.

Next month you will see middleweight champion Sergio Martinez and later this year in December you will see Harold Lederman from HBO World Championship Boxing displaying my official “collector’s edition” white website t-shirt 라이노 맥용 다운로드.

I would also like to thank my t-shirt suppliers, Garrett and Jose of Isla Vista Screen Printing, for their excellent work, friendship, and personal touch in making these garments npm 패키지. If you are interested in their services, they can be contacted at or call (805) 845-1333.
I would like to encourage my fan base to take a look at boxing historian Tony Triem’s website 다운로드. He goes back years further than most boxing website’s that I have seen, with very interesting views. Tony and I have something in common; we both agree that Al Nelson and Hank Kaplin were the foremost boxing historians that we have ever met 다운로드. Tony’s website address is

As a boxing historian and avid collector for over fifty years, I will continue to offer my fans boxing on this website in a most passionate and respectable way as I know it 다운로드.

A change on this website will be my RING TRIVIA, currently featured every month, which will now become bi-monthly. The three questions will not change, but the answers will be available sooner with a two-week time frame for viewing 다운로드. I am always fascinated with boxing trivia, and as a young kid I would pick the brains of my older generation boxing friends to educate myself in history and trivia information that I could translate to others 인벤터 2016 다운로드. When this website was born in July 2007, the boxing trivia feature was one that I knew would be a main stage for my fan base, and it has been and will continue to be.

In the past year I have had more people ask me to give a value net worth price on their various boxing collection items. My intent is always to be honest with a value calculation of any items based on my expertise in boxing in the highest degree. Next month I will offer a new feature for anyone who would like to sell any boxing memorabilia items in a category called “dmboxing classifieds.”

I would like to acknowledge that on October 10, 2011 will be the tenth anniversary of the passing of the greatest trainer in boxing in the last half of the 20th century, Eddie Futch. My condolences go out to my good friend, Eddie’s wife, Eva Futch.

On a personal note, I just recently retired from my work with the State of California / Caltrans after 40 years of service and for those that might of missed a short video of my retirement and birthday party, it can be viewed on this website by going to Archives / July 2011 or by going to YouTube and entering: David Martinez Retirement Roast Excerpt. I have had many emails from an array of people wishing me well in retirement and I thank them for all their kind words; it was wonderful. I would also like to say thank you to Armando Ramirez, who is like a brother to me and I have known all of my life and to local Santa Barbara radio and TV personality and newsman, John Palminteri, for their part in the video – both are my best friends.

I strive to bring you the best in boxing and your support of this website is much appreciated. May God bless each and every one of you and thank you!


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