FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian

(Spring 2012 Edition)

On a quarterly basis, I always write to say thank you to the core of people that help make this website the success that it is vpn gate. I start with my producer John Boitnott, who is so devoted and trusting in putting my boxing expertise together to be viewed by our many fans. Other key people that are outstanding in their contributions are: Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reader and Photo Editing), Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer), Tom Donelson (Member Boxing Writers Association) 다운로드. These are people that help and have a positive role in

My t-shirt, hat, and tank top girls, who pose wearing my products, add a special touch as they contribute their beauty with class and respect 다운로드.

My t-shirt supplier is Isla Vista Screen Printing. Garrett Gerstenberger and Jose Cardoso offer excellent workmanship in their products, and if anybody is interested in contacting them, you may do so at (805) 845-1333 or through their website at: 다운로드.

I would also like to say thank you to those of you who have written me to express your opinions and ask your questions; it is simply my pleasure to serve you 다운로드.

Coming this month of April to the website will be a couple of items of interest.  One is my personal view of the best boxers in each weight class that I have seen in the past fifty years 다운로드.  Also, from my boxer/friend Desiree D’Alessandro who has been featured on this website previously, the recent video that she produced will be available for viewing; you will not want to miss her outstanding work in promoting female amateur boxing 다운로드.

I want to thank veteran boxing writer Rusty Rubin for posing here with my official website hat. I recently had lunch with Rusty and his wife Lois in February on their way from Reno to Los Angeles, and it was so special to connect with these friends 클래시 오브 클랜 게임 다운로드.  This picture was taken just before they boarded a cruise ship with the destination of Hawaii. The hat is just one of the attractive products that I offer and it can be purchased for $13.00 each with FREE shipping to anywhere in the  mailing zones within the continental United States of America 다운로드.  It is blue in color to match the website t-shirt and tank top, with the official logo embroidered on the front and my website address on the back. It features an adjustable velcro strap so it fits all sizes 다운로드.

Please join me in prayer for my friend Tony Triem for the best in health with his upcoming surgeries regarding skin cancer. Tony is an outstanding boxing historian and his website can be viewed at:  http://members.coxnet/boxer651/

I continue to strive to bring you my wealth in boxing on the internet; your support of this website is much appreciated – thank you!

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