FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian (Spring 2011 Edition)

It is that time again when it’s simply my pleasure to say thank you to some very special people that help contribute to the continuing success of this website 다운로드.

In not any particular order they are: John Boitnott (producer), Bob Quackenbush (photo editing and proof reading), Kathy Kraft (proof reader), Ray Luna (photos), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner), Jim Amato (senior boxing writer), Tom Donelson (renowned boxing writer), and Rick Farris (contributing boxing features) 다운로드.


All of my t-shirt girls have certainly added a beautiful touch, posing while wearing my product, and they are: Suzie (Dec 2007/ Feb 2008), Jania (April 2008), Maryuri (May 2008), Xochitl (July (2008), Natalie (Aug 2008), Julie (Sept (2008), Krista (Nov 2008), Morgan (Dec 2008), Adriana (Jan (2009) Marteena (Mar 2009), Nina (May 2009), Adria (July 2009), Beverly (Aug 2009), Lexy (Sept 2009), Athena (Oct 2009), Briana (Dec 2009), Christina (Jan 2010), Linda (Feb 2010), Gordy (Apr 2010), Christine (May 2010), Kelly (Aug 2010), Jessica (Oct 2010), Kelly & Christine (Dec 2010), and Stacy (Mar 2011) 다운로드.

All of my hat girls have been equally beautiful, posing while wearing my product, and they are: Samantha (Jan 2009), Suzie (Feb 2009), Tanya (Mar 2009), Maryuri (May 2009), Evelin (July 2009), Nina (Sept 2009), Daniella (Oct 2009), Caitlan (Dec 2009), Christine (Mar 2010), Stacy (June 2010), Jennifer (July 2010), Gordy (Aug 2010), Linda (Dec 2010) 다운로드.


Also, two boxers that have displayed my products are: current WBC Super Lightweight Champion / WBO Junior Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley and former WBC Lightweight Champion Rodolfo Gonzalez 블레이징 스타.


I would also like to acknowledge Desiree Dalessandro for her contributions. Her work has been simply outstanding in recent months and she has developed into a fine female amateur boxer in her own right, whom I have sponsored and supported 경력 이력서 양식.


As a boxing historian, I live boxing every day of my life, and I strive to bring you boxing in a way only I can and to serve you 다운로드. The fan mail, e-mails and phone calls I receive are most welcome and thank you for keeping them positive … your opinions are respected.


I know you have many choices in boxing, and this is why I sincerely appreciate that you have made this website one of them … thank you – thank you 다운로드!


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