FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian

It has now been better than four months since my boxing website was
born, and I am happy to report that the numbers are up and I am so
blessed to have such an ever growing fan base 다운로드.

T-Shirt Design

I am striving to bring you things in boxing that will intrigue you 다운로드.
I am not a beat writer, as I was many years ago, bringing results
of every fight … you can pick up your local newspaper for those
items 다운로드. I am a boxing historian and I intend to bring
special features into my website that you have never seen, and
that single element keeps me soaring like an eagle in my every day
boxing life – to you aws s3 이미지 다운로드!

My monthly ring trivia questions are well thought out, using my
knowledge of boxing, and not collected from some trivia book.

I will later re-create some interesting feature articles that I
wrote as part of a “blast from the past”, so many of you that don’t
know me personally can see from where I have evolved.

This month I will bring you the new David Martinez boxing t-shirt
product. I will have this item posted and for purchase next week. It
is a great looking white (long sleeve) polo t-shirt with my “official”
logo and will sell for the introductory price of $15.00 or two
for $25.00 with FREE shipping to you – truly a bargain for this
collectors edition.

This whole process actually started a couple of months ago when I
decided it would be nice to offer my fan base a boxing product from
me. I want to thank two people that currently help me with so much
concerning my website – they are George Garcia (photographer) and
Bob Quackenbush (proof reader) who were both instrumental in
putting together the logo and selecting the actual photo from my boxing
collection, which you see here for the website t-shirt. I always give credit
where it is due, and both George and Bob certainly deserve just that for
their effortless help that they continue to provide for me.

December is now upon us, which means Christmas is here once again …
I want to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas
and a safe New Year 2008!

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