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Over the years I have supported and sponsored many young people in school activities and boxing events. Now I would like you to support me in a different kind of endeavor and help a young lady fulfill one of her dreams on her path to success. Her name is Marina Cardoso and I am asking my fan base to kindly give what you can to help her upcoming project.  Any amount will be appreciated and to make it as simple as possible, any monies can be sent directly to me:  David Martinez Boxing, Post Office Box 41536, Santa Barbara, CA 93140, and I will expedite directly to Marina 다운로드.

Here’s a capsule bio on her project with before and after photos and I kindly thank you in advance for supporting me and in helping Marina.

Marina Cardoso embarked on her fitness journey when, after graduating from high school, she realized that she was not happy with her physical appearance 레인미터. She had done the high school sports, being a tennis player for three years, a small stint in the water polo team, but nothing that really made her heart skip an beat. With the end of high school, and a couple of extra free hours, Marina joined the city’s local gym. There she went through the cardio overload and extreme diet phase that left her hungry and weak 다운로드. Feeling burned out and discouraged with no real results in her body, Marina tried her hand in Group Fitness Classes. She was hooked and became known as a gym rat staying for the morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Marina’s perfect attendance caught the eye of the Group Fitness Director, who persuaded her to obtained a Group Fitness Certification. Her first class was a group of fifty gym members, all different in age, ethnicity, education and backgrounds 화랑 1화 다운로드. One thing brought them together at the 5 o’clock fitness class; they wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and they were willing to live it, if someone showed them how.

After that one hour class, Marina realized that a passion for teaching had been ignited in her heart.

That one class lead to Marina teaching fitness classes at Gold’s Gym and  In Shape Gym 리눅스 웹페이지. She also started  an enterprise for the Abel Maldonado Community Center in Santa Maria, California, known as “Nina’s Boot Camp”, a sixty minute choreographed class for junior and high school girls. This class was not only a workout class, but a way to teach the girls that working out could be fun and an outlet for the daily life of a young female teen 바운스볼 버그판. In a society that lives by Hollywood standards in beauty, many of the girls learned that being strong is beautiful and a healthy body would radiate the outward beauty.

Moving to Santa Barbara Marina started working with a different clientele than she had done in the previous years. This time she would be teaching kickboxing to mothers of students at La Cumbre Junior High school in Santa Barbara 다운로드. While many of the ladies where older in age, they face the same dilemma that the younger girl generation faces. Hollywood is beauty, skinny is desirable, hunger is the answer. Shocked at the desperation from many of the ladies who tried fad diet after fad diet, countless hours on the cardio machine and seeing no results, and no knowledge about how their stories were not unlike her own, Marina decided to make it her mission to educate them and through that she must be willing to learn and apply what she attains 아크로뱃 다운로드.

Competitiveness is part of Marina’s bloodline and she has explored it through sports such as tennis, cross country, track and ocean outrigger. All these sports require strength, dedication and passion, but there is one element that although is a factor in these sports it is not implemented as the priority to success 영화 룸 다운로드. Enter Bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is “A type of weight training applied in conjunction with sound nutritional practices to alter the shape of one’s body. Consistency, dedication, motivation, persistence and sacrifice are a must have when competing in bodybuilding competitions. Bodybuilding is more of a mental game than anything 오늘도 빛나는 너에게 inst 다운로드. The mind decides what the body does”. (  Marina knew that if she wanted to educate women on living a healthier lifestyle she would also have to start from the inside out, with the largest muscle that has battled all her life; the mind.

Now Marina is 2 weeks out from her first Figure Competition set for February 9th 2013 in Culver City, California (

Figure is judged as “According to the IDFA’s rules, figure competitors are defined as lean, healthy-looking, female athletes . . . with muscle”


Add in a swimsuit and a couple of quarter turns in five inch heels with many other female opponents and you have a figure competition. While many people view this as a beauty pageant, it far exceeds that. It takes the body a year to 12 weeks to transform itself to the lean physique you see on stage. It take many  months of eating clean, weightlifting, cardio and sleeping well, but most importantly it begins with the mind. You are alone for those months, it becomes a lifestyle where you must discipline your mind and body to reach the end result. A journey of self discovery. Marina is in her last weeks of prepping for her show and her daily routine consists of prepping her seven meals everyday before leaving for work at a junior high where she works with severely handicap students. After work she will go to her gym where she will train a muscle group for an hour to two, intense heart interval cardio training completes her workout. She will then go into the Group Exercise room to practice her quarter turns and solo walk to a room full of nothing but mirrors. After an hour or two of practicing, Marina will go home and try to get her full eight hours of rest. Sleeping is the way the body recovers and grows. Tomorrow the same process will occur until Marina sets foot on the stage in her heels and does the walk of her life, knowing that she is not just walking to compete for an award or recognition, but for a greater cause and that is women. No particular age group or ethnicity, just women and the beauty that is inside them, waiting and willing to venture out and conquer!





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