Garcia wins an easy victory

Garcia - Burgos

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association

Mikey Garcia faced Juan Carlos Burgos for Garcia’s junior lightweight championship.  Burgos started the fight jabbing but halfway through the first round, Garcia left –right combination pushed Burgos back.   Near the end of the second round, Burgos nearly sent Garcia down from a Burgos left hook.   Garcia returned the favor in round three when he hurt Burgos with a big right and Burgos held on for dear life before the referee broke them up 다운로드. From there, Burgos moved and boxed out of harm way.



From the fourth through sixth round, Garcia started to gain slight advantages as his punches were showing more pop whereas Burgos became tentative and unable to score effectively 다운로드.

Garcia managed to get inside Burgos on occasion to land combinations throughout the eighth round and in the ninth round, Garcia landed a body shots in the middle of the round as he stopped a Burgos rally dead.  Garcia continued to pursue Burgos throughout the second half of the ninth round as Burgos, who started the round aggressively, ended the round in survival mode 자존감 수업 다운로드.

In the tenth and eleventh round, Garcia walked Burgos down and consistently nailed Burgos with solid combinations but Burgos did managed to connect with an occasional sneak right hand.   Garcia continued his business like domination but while Garcia used his skills to defeat a tough Burgos.  Part of Garcia problem was that Burgos did not chose to engage but fight a defensive fight while looking for opportunity that never occurred.   Garcia won an easy decision in a fight that was hardly exciting but then as Andre Ward observed, you can’t knock everyone out and in some cases, when styles don’t mesh; you end up with a boring fight.  Garcia not only is a heavy handed boxer but he showed defensive wizardry to win an easy victory.

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