GENE AGUILERA – my friend!

Gene & David
By David Martinez /

I met Gene Aguilera a few years ago and consider his friendship to be a blessed gift from Heaven 스피릿위시 다운로드.

I had heard about Gene years prior through mutual friends. However, when he contacted me directly in early 2015 to inform me he would be my presenter at my induction into the WBC Legends Hall of Fame, I could tell by the enthusiasm in his voice that he was not only sincerely happy for me, but also happy in my honor 다운로드.

My attraction to Gene is simple; he is a kind and giving human being.

Gene is a true boxing expert 다운로드. As a kid, he grew up living in the historic boxing scene and attended many of the great fights in Los Angeles.

Gene & Maria

He is the author of one the best boxing books on the market today, “Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles.” This publication is a must for any boxing fan, especially ones who grew up and/or live in the southern California area 텔레그램 일괄 다운로드.

Book Reveiw - 7-crop

Gene’s writing is a wonderful blend of boxing history, with 170 outstanding black and white photos in order chronologically of the different eras 다운로드.

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The book sure brought back great memories of the days when I was a kid myself, traveling from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, attending these fights 호비와 매직 아일랜드 다운로드. Gene and I were probably at the same fights and didn’t even know. How ironic is that?

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Gene went to Lakewood High School and is a 1976 graduate of USC 다운로드. He serves as Vice President at Community Commerce Bank in Monterey Park, California.

He will be inducted into the National Boxing Hall of Fame next month, which is an honor well deserved adobe 소프트웨어 및 기타.

Book - 1

Gene’s book is comfortably priced at $21.99 and available by contacting Gene at his email address:

Thank you, Gene Aguilera, for who you are – my friend 다운로드!




4 thoughts on “GENE AGUILERA – my friend!

  1. A book that grabs you and takes you back into the great sport of boxing with many excellent history of champion fighters from all over . I would like to thank my friend author Gene Aguilera for this awesome book and including many of my friend’s and family as well . and especially adding my photo on the cover of the book Mexican American Boxing In Los Angeles .

  2. I had meet Gene Aguilera for years. but a never realize how wonderful human is….
    i would like to thank my friend Gene, made me proud of his awesome book. i reed the book and I can see his talent and so many ways.

  3. Congratulations for your book, Gene. I started to read and i could not stop, is so interesting with such as beautiful pictures…specially the Olympic auditorium it makes me remember when I was young and I used to go out there. so much memories.
    is a beautiful story of the latinos fighter.

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