Haney vs. Lomachenko (RECAP) The Scoring

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … and – long time honored contributor to www.dmboxing.com since 2008

The Lomachenko-Haney fight was a close fight, and you could have scored it for either fighter.  The only score that I found objectionable was 116-112 for Haney.  I could not find eight rounds for Haney or for that matter for Lomachenko, but I certainly could have seen a 115-113 either way 다운로드. I had the fight a draw.

There are many ways to score a fight, beginning with efficacy.  Is the fighter effective with his defense and his offense?  This fight was interesting since throughout the fight both fighters had their moments.  Overall Lomachenko only connected on 20 percent of his punches, but Haney only connected 28 percent.  Both fighters did have their moment of success but also, they failed to dominate their opponent 다운로드.

The only two rounds did we see one opponent dominate the other was the tenth and eleventh round.  Lomachenko dominated the tenth and eleventh round as he connected on 31 punches to only 7 for Haney.  Boxing is not based on the cumulative total, but It is judge round by round.  Lomachenko connected 124 punches to Haney 110, but you take out those two rounds, Haney connected on 103 punches to Lomachenko 93 punches 다운로드. So over those the remaining ten rounds, Haney connected on ten punches per round versus 9 punches per round for Lomachenko. Those ten rounds were close, and I had Haney winning six of those rounds.  In each round, one or two punches could prove decisive, and you have to look at other things like defense and power of the punches aws s3 이미지 다운로드.

If you take out the tenth and eleventh round, Haney landed 84 power shots versus 75 power shots for Lomachenko.  Haney averaged one more power shots per round than Lomachenko, again hardly dominating numbers 신용재 다운로드.

This was a close fight and for Devin Haney, this was not a dominating performance and Lomachenko showed he is still one of the elites of the lightweight.  Haney only proved that he is one of the best lightweights along with Lomachenko, but he did not show he was the best or most dominant of the lightweight division.

Gervonta Davis is thinking maybe going up to junior welterweight, but he may be the best lightweight, certainly the one with the most powerful punch.  Shakur Stevenson is another top lightweight.  Then there is Frank Martin and Raymond Muratalla who are both undefeated.  Muratalla defeated Jeremia Nakathila before the main event of Haney versus Lomachenko.  This is a deep division and Lomachenko may think that he deserve a rematch with Haney.

Haney just finished a two-fight set with George Kambosos Jr. and in his second fight, he performed better than the first so he has shown he can adjust in a rematch, but Lomachenko is veteran fighter who can adapt to his opponent style. 

This was a close fight and not an easy to score.  As I noticed in my review of the fight, I noticed that there was disagreement about who won. I did find that margins were similar as some had it 115-113 for Haney and 115-113 for Lomachenko.  Others like yours truly had it 114-114. This decision was tight and could have gone either way.  Maybe a second fight is in order.

One thought on “Haney vs. Lomachenko (RECAP) The Scoring

  1. I can see the close rounds making it tight. I had Loma up 7-4-1 and could see it 7-5 or 8-4. Giving Haney every benefit of the doubt I could see it as a draw.

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