Harold Lederman / HBO World Championship Boxing!

Harold Lederman and David Martinez
October 21, 2005

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I have been so blessed, as I look back on my 49 years of involvement in boxing, to have met so many wonderful people 다운로드. The list is just endless and I thank God for providing this gift in my life.

One of those people is Harold Lederman, a friend, and an expert in boxing 다운로드. I met Harold about ten years ago during my tenure with the World Boxing Hall of Fame. He attended the annual banquet ceremonies with the highest degree of respect for others, and interacted with the fans by signing autographs, taking pictures and simply by offering his expertise 다운로드.

To my delight, Harold has contributed to my website. Last Fall, I asked his opinion regarding the subject of Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson. His response can be viewed by going to this website’s menu and clicking on the category “Rankings” to see the feature article entitled “Why Mike Tyson is NOT in My Top Ten!”

On June 12, 2009, he was awarded the Sam Taub Award given by the Boxing Writers Association of America at their 84th annual dinner, held at the Capitale in New York City. This prestigious award is given annually for excellence in broadcast journalism. The award was given with a special touch as the presenter was his daughter, Julie, who is a respected boxing judge in her own right.

Who can argue that Harold certainly deserves such a high award in boxing? My only regret is that I wasn’t there to witness this honor.

Harold is a living icon at my house. When I entertain my many guests for HBO Boxing on Saturday nights, I personally stop and stand up after each round and say “so let’s see how Harold scored that round.”

Boxing is a sport where the score is not made visible for the fans to follow, until after the match is complete. That anticipation certainly is the one unique, unknown component in boxing that I have always loved, making it fun for the purest fans, like myself, to score and compare with Harold.

A nice feature on HBO is when Harold provides, at the end of selected rounds, his fair and honest assessment at that juncture of the fight when asked by his colleagues.

Harold has been with HBO since 1986, an incredible 23 years of service and dedication to the sport of boxing.

Everyone has their opinion, but it’s Harold that puts his on the forefront, in view of the millions that watch HBO World Championship Boxing. Harold Lederman – a man of fairness and wisdom in the sport he truly loves!