HBO and Showtime action

By Tom Donelson
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HBO found themselves competing against Showtime, who featured an entire evening of boxing including preliminaries.  HBO main event lasted less than two minute before Adonis Stevenson sent Chad Dawson to the canvas with just one shot.  Just like that, the main event is over and those watching HBO were turning to over to Showtime and  two great action fights 레인맨.

Alfredo Angulo fought Cuban boxer Erislandy Lara in an excellent fight in which both fighters managed at time to do what they do best to be followed by Josesito Lopez and Marcos Maidana.   Before these fight came on, fans were treated to a less than scintillating bout between Jermell Charlo and Demetrius Hopkins.  Both fighters are slick boxers who think defense and throughout the bout, neither fighter showed much in offense extjs 엑셀. Charlo attempted to push action but as a boxer, he is not a natural pressure fighter and so we were treated to moments of quick combinations followed by lot more inactivity.  Charlo beat a defensive wizard in Hopkins but Hopkins as his wont, failed to produce in the clutch 다운로드.

As for Angulo-Lara, this was an intriguing battle between a slugger who puts on intense pressure the entire bout and boxer, who managed to move out of harm’s way most of the time but not all 다운로드. Like with a less than a minute left in the fourth round when a Angulo left hook nailed Lara in an exchange off the rope and in the ninth, when a another left hook sent Lara sprawling before he got back up 다운로드. What saved Lara were his accurate punches, an effective jab and defensive wizardry at key moment in the fight.  Starting in the third round, Angulo managed to get his own rhythm  and ripped some nasty left hooks to the body windows 10 디스크 이미지. Two of those left hooks sent Lara down and Angulo pressure forced Lara to fight back.  Lara used his foot movement to gain momentum back in the fifth round through the eighth before nearly losing the fight in the ninth 다운로드.


005_Angulos_Eye1-530x317The tenth round produced one of the ugliest hematoma one would ever see.  Off the rope, Lara landed an accurate straight left followed a second left.  Angulo retreated and in pain, turned his back thus forcing the referee to stop the fight.  Angulo left eye was swollen shut and even worse, the hematoma formed over that eye was the size of a baseball.  The fight was stopped but not before both fighters helped each other career with a solid performance 다운로드.


          Josesito Lopez is not the best fighter in the world but he is one of the toughest and in Marco Maidana, he faced yet another tough test.  Lopez in the first round showed solid boxing skills as he unleashed combinations including at least four solid rights that landed.  While Maidana power took hold in the second, Lopez guts and kills took hold in the third through the fifth as he connected on combination including left hooks that landed in the fourth that had Maidana in trouble.  Maidana is one of those fighters who always seem to be in trouble but has a right hand that is the great equalizer and that right hand took hold in the sixth 검은사막.Marcos Maidana vs Josesito Lopez


Maidana right hand in the first minute of the sixth sent Lopez down.  Lopez got back up but a Maidana combination trapped Lopez along the rope before the referee stopped the fight. Lopez was not able to hold on nor did he block Maidana punches except with his head.   Lopez was a game fighter but Maidana was the stronger puncher and that was the difference.

This evening saw Chad Dawson with a second brutal loss in a role and now he has a decision to make on whether he continues as a fighter but we also saw Erislandy Lara show why he just might be one of the best in the junior Middleweight. As for Maidana, he put himself in position to fight in bigger pay days as he showed one punch power.


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