Hey Harold!

By David Martinez / dmboxing.com

I am still saddened that HBO boxing is off the TV air waves 다운로드. Boxing is my life, and in my daily travels, I have many that ask me questions and give me opinions on the sport. Most recently, many have asked me this: do I miss HBO World Championship Boxing and why 웹페이지 이미지 다운로드?

My easy answer to that is – without hesitation, of course – most definitely I do, as it has been a “main course” for me since its beginning broadcast in 1973 가디언즈 오브 갤럭시 2 ost. And the one thing that I truly and honestly miss is my friend Harold Lederman and his expert commentary.

Harold began his career in boxing in 1967 다운로드. In 1986 he joined HBO as their “Unofficial Official” sitting ringside for the past 32 years as part of the HBO team, until their broadcasts ended this past December 2018 트러블 스위치 paid 다운로드.

I consider Harold to be an iconic figure in boxing and, since 2014, I have featured his short “Hey Harold” video clips on my website prior to the HBO fights. These have received overwhelming approval from all of my fan base in appreciation of Harold’s expertise.

I must admit, that with HBO boxing no longer with us, it’s like a part of me has died!

One thought on “Hey Harold!

  1. I concur. HBO has been a staple for so long and Harold always brought an element of high class. Miss you Harold and HBO! Thank you for so many wonderful memories!

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