(July 10, 1943 – April 7, 2009) By David Martinez   It was three years ago that I tearfully, but honorably, delivered the eulogy at St Raphel’s church, in Santa Barbara, California, for one of my best friends, Frankie Rivas 살파랑 다운로드. The month of April now has a new meaning, as I annually pay him tribute and remember his passing.   A lot of people think that I met Frankie through boxing, which is a good guess; but I actually first met him when I was a boy in the early sixties 다운로드. He was a young apprentice waiter at a local restaurant named “Leon’s” and my parents would go there and ask for him to be our waiter 다운로드. I will always remember one of the early times going there for dinner; after he took our food order he asked “What can I bring you to drink, David?” Before I could say “A soda pop or glass of milk would be fine”, he said “A Shirley Temple is what I will bring you.” At that time in my life I had no idea what a Shirley Temple was and I thought Frankie was going to bring me a little toy doll 기아 폰트.  That evening, he introduced me to what was actually 7-Up and grenadine with a cherry!  There are so many other stories that I have of Frankie, but this one is the first which I will remember forever 다운로드.   It was boxing that kept Frankie and I bonded as friends, like brothers, for almost fifty years. Frankie boxed as a successful amateur. He also made time to help the youth of our city with his services 다운로드.  He was right by my side as a referee and judge at many boxing shows in our community, as well.   Here’s to a well respected man that was my friend – my best friend – Frankie Rivas 윈도우 10 rs3 다운로드.  Please join me in prayer as we remember him today.


  1. Great tribute on Frankie.

    I’ll never forget the first time I had a “Shirley Temple”…what a treat for my taste buds!

  2. Frankie was instrumental in making what is now the Primo Boxing Club one of the longest running youth programs in Santa Barbara. Frankie, David Martinez, George and Mino Calderon, Chato, Steve Carbajal, they were all there. Frankie had a quiet dignity, a sly smile, and so humble others had to tell you who he really was. Frankie left a large glove to fill in Santa Barbara.

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