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Rusty Rubin
Rusty Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the website and the author of three highly acclaimed boxing books 유레카 mp3 다운로드!

One important fight this weekend, if one still considers the heavyweight title important. I don’t, I’m not a fan.

While predicting last week’s winner, Israel Vasquez by decision, the easiest pick was to say it was going to be a great fight 다운로드. This week it probably won’t be, because heavyweights rarely put on ‘great fights’ anymore.

It sort of makes one miss the President, no, not Dubya, but Ike Ibeabucci, who’s potential has been wasted as he remains in a Nevada mental health facility 다운로드.

Sam Peter and Oleg Maskaev will face off in Cancun for the WBC version of the belt. Neither fighter is fast, and it’s safe to predict that Peter, who can punch, will be coming forward and in the Russian’s face for most, if not all, of the fight 튀어 나와요 동물 의 숲 다운로드.

Maskaev, not as big a puncher as Peter, but a bit faster, and with power. He is far more unpredictable can be a tough foe, and give the Nigerian all that he can handle, and then some 라이브 7화 다운로드.

Added to that the fact that both fighters have shown questionable chins of late, makes this bout a very interesting one, and extra hard to predict 다운로드.

The easiest pick is this fight will not go the distance and the man who lands big first, should win. Because of his diversity, I’ll take Maskaev, in a fight that can turn either way on one big punch 다운로드.

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