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Rusty Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the magazine, website and the author of three acclaimed boxing books 40 넋! “Woozel, Boxing and Me” ( #31810), “Off the Canvas” and “Billy Soose, the Champion Time Forgot” #31809, co-authored by Tom Donelson 큐시트 양식 다운로드.

The big fight this week is in Los Angeles where Oscar de la Hoya takes on Steve Forbes. Since the fight is at 150 lbs, pretty much a walking around weight for the “Golden Boy”, it gives him a solid advantage 다운로드. The light hitting Forbes normally fights twenty pounds less.

A lot of people feel this is a tune-up for Oscar and a prelude to a re-match with Floyd Mayweather Jr 다운로드. This may be true, but fighters like Oscar will, if they fight long enough run out of gas.

But I don’t see that here. Even if Oscar tires a bit more towards the end of the fight, he should have little trouble catching Forbes when he needs to, and thus take an easy decision over him 다운로드.

With the odds being very high, I think the safest bet would be the fight goes the distance. Little risk of a knockout here, Of course a small parlay Oscar and may work a bit better 윈도우 10 어도비 플래시 수동 다운로드.


Sad news received on the passing of Irene Rose Samuels, 83, who passed away last weekend. Please say prayers for her soul. This fine lady is the mother of Top Rank publicist, good friend and class act Lee Samuels 가요 미디 파일.

Glove2Glove is a non-denominational group set up to aide those boxing folks and their friends and relatives in need of prayers and cards. We accept no money and contact our members when someone is in need 윈도우 8 1 정품 다운로드. It’s absolutely free to join. God doesn’t ask for money, and neither do we. Joining us is as Simple as sending us your e-mail address. And even if you’re not a member, feel free to contact us if you are aware of some boxing person in need.***

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