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Rusty Rubin and David Martinez
Rusty Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the magazine, website and the author of three highly acclaimed boxing books 다운로드! “Woozel, Boxing and Me” ( #31810). This book has been rated 4½ stars at “Off the Canvas” and “Billy Soose, the Champion Time Forgot” #31809, co-authored by Tom Donelson 다운로드.

The California Boxing Hall of Fame honored many great fighters and boxing folks at their June 21st induction ceremonies at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City, Cal 다운로드. More than 600 folks were in attendance, braving the heat, and length of the long, but enjoyable event.

Among those being honored were Joe Louis, Jackie McCoy, Eddie Futch, Johnny Ortiz, Mando Ramos, and Berry Gordy of Mowtown fame as well.

I wanted to attend, as many of my friends were being honored, but sadly, it was not something I could easily do.

What I can and will do is pass along my sincerest congratulations to everyone honored.***

I’ve gotten a lot of queries about when, or even if. the magazine will publish again. I hope we do and ask fans to be a little patient. I’ve also had a few inquiries, but like the TV show, the price has to be right. Anyone interested in putting in a bid for the mag (in its 19th year, and 51% control of the website), please contact me. No firm decision has been made on the date or disposition of the final publication or website, and none is expected to be made soon.***

Here’s another great book for our friends to read and enjoy, “Boxing in the Los Angeles Area 1880-2005. Great pics of some great fighters, and very well written and produced by Tracy Callis and Chuck Johnston. It’s published by “Pastime Memorabilia”.***

Clearly, Edison Miranda has a lot of work to do on his defense, which let him down in the fourth round, and giving the stoppage to still undefeated champion ‘King’ Arthur Abraham.

Two former greats faced off in an over-the-hill battle in Melbourne, Australia. With a combined age of 95 years between them, Jeff Fenech took a ten round decision from Azumah Nelson. Fortunately, neither was injured.

The question here has to be, who cares? We should always remember and honor our great champions, and at their age, both Fenech and Nelson are just shells of their former selves. Let them fight in they have something to prove, but the glory days for both of them are gone forever.

This week, in Vegas, Manny Pacquiao, a fighter that most people feel will be the next pound for pound world champion if Mayweather stays retired, takes on tough David Diaz for the WBC version on the lightweight crown.

We have two guys; counter-punchers who tend to get banged up a bit, facing off in what figures to be an exciting fight, because these two guys always come to fight.

I can see a lot of blood flowing in this one, and a late TKO by Pac Man, over a game, David Diaz. This could be a fight made for a rematch, but don’t expect it soon. Word is that if Pacquiao wins, up next for him will be Ricky Hatton. More news by category Topic -: