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As boxing loses more and more good guys and the younger generation takes over, I feel that this would be a good time (there’s really never a bad one) to thank all those who have gone before and made boxing the great sport that it is Spy++ download.

Sure, there have been problems, as it is with most sports, but we have dealt with the problems and moved forward 니코니코 동화 다운로드. We may be in a bit of a slump now, but we will


And while I give my thanks and pay my respects to all those who have given their all for boxing, Their passing makes one realize that we never say ‘thank you’ enough.

So please allow me this opportunity to thank all the many, wonderful friends I have made in this business. I have truly been blessed.

Agree or disagree, I always welcome comments.***

Finally, we have our first important, and exciting fight of 2009, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This fight, for the World Boxing Assn. welterweight title, features Antonio Margarito taking on “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Margarito, tall with a long reach, holds the crown at the moment, and figures to have a few problems defending it, as Mosley knows his way around the ring, and will work his way inside the long arms of the champion.

Tony is an up and comer, and, at his age, Mosley doesn’t figure to have a lot of fights left for him. However, he’s a good defensive fighter with a solid chin, and he rarely cuts.

Margarito is going to have to close up his stance a bit to prevent the ring-wise Mosley from working his way inside, which is the only way he can do any damage to Margarito.

At 4/4 ½ to 1, it’s a tough proposition to bet on Margarito, although he figures to emerge the winner. The better bet is that it goes the distance.

Margarito by decision.

Long-time friend, Steve Acunto has written a great new book. It’s a Spanish language guide to understanding boxing techniques. This is a Spanish version of his previously released book in English and is available at***

Glove 2 Glove:

Prayers for the soul of former champ and light heavyweight great Jose Torres, who passed away at age 72. He was one of the good guys.

Please pray for my Aussie mate John MacDougall, who had to admit his wife of many years to a nursing home. Both John and his wife Gwen need your prayers for recovery and inner strength.

Say a prayer for the return to health for Chicago great Hall of Famer Eddie Perkins, who is recovering from a heart attack.

One of boxing’s good guys, Genaro ‘Chicanito’ Hernandez has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Kudos to the WBC for taking up the battle to help pay for some of Genaro’s high medical bills. I ask you to do your share also by saying prayers for this fine young man, a true fighter and champion who represents everything good that sports in general and boxing in particular stands for.

Needless to say we need prayers for the return to health of both former champs Greg Page and Gerald McClellan, both confined to wheelchairs.

On behalf of these great fighters, we thank you for your ongoing prayers.

If you know of any boxing people in need of spiritual uplift or prayers, just drop us a line. It’s free to all and no one will ever contact you or put your name on anyone’s mailing list.

Thanks and God bless.***

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