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Rusty Rubin
Rusty Rubin is the managing editor of magazine 신용재 다운로드.

Congratulations to Ricardo Mayorga for scoring a decision over Fernando Vargas, in front of Vargas’ So. Cal. hometown fans, as well as Ricardo’s sportsmanship for apologizing to Vargas after the fight for his unworthy tactics in trying to sell the fight on PPV 다운로드.

It’s something boxing needs a lot more of, sportsmanship. Vargas now goes into a well-earned retirement and Mayorga perhaps to bigger and better things (fights) 오토캐드 2012 32비트 다운로드.

For those who are in my corner, you know that I have written three books, all highly acclaimed, “Woozel, Boxing and Me, in fact was named by one website as the “Boxing Book of the Year” for 2006. The other, “Off the Canvas”, a historical novel, is also available at

Along with Tom Donelson, I wrote a book on Billy Soose, who for far too long has been over-looked for induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, N.Y.

Another gentleman who deserves this honor is world class trainer Freddie Roach, who has followed the example set by his mentor, the legendary Eddie Futch, in teaching his disciples the way to handle them in the squared circle.

This week it was called to my attention that another all-time great boxing guy, Lou Duva, has never been inducted into the Los Angeles based World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Lou, now 86, and sharp as a tack, knows more about boxing and its history than most of us could ever imagine. His sharp wit has helped endear himself to the fans and his handling of fighters is also legendary.

Soose is now deceased, Freddie young, active and improving and Lou, while no spring chicken is as clear as he ever was and, still working with the mitts.

Soose and Roach are inducted in the World Boxing Hall of Fame, while Duva has been honored in Canastota, but for some reason not in Los Angeles.***

Changing this column a bit this week, and just listing one recent passing in Glove2Glove. We’ll get back to normal after the first of the year.

Please say prayers for the soul of gentleman jockey and great boxing fan, Bill Hartack, who passed away this week at age 74.

Hartack was a class act, and well-respected wherever he went. May God rest his soul.***

The big fight this week features Floyd Mayweather, the top pound for pounder in the world, taking on hard hitting Ricky Hatton, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this weekend.

Mayweather is a throwback, who plays hit and run as well as anybody around today, and is blessed with tremendous hand and foot speed. Problem is, in today’s fast-paced world, he doesn’t provide the excitement that a big puncher would, and Floyd needs to fight big names to allow him to continue to make big money.

Hatton, from the UK, is a big name, and very popular here and in Europe. He can certainly punch, and has decent hand speed. The problem is, like most other fighters, he can’t move his feet anywhere close to the speed of Mayweather. So how do you catch and beat what you can’t hit?

Well, it can be done, but Hatton has to get lucky and land some solid shots early to slow Floyd down. That is no easy task my friends.

A fast fighter with a heavy punch could give Mayweather fits, but Hatton is just not fast enough to do so.

Unless Ricky gets lucky early, it’s another easy, unanimous decision win for Floyd.***

Another not-to-miss fight has also been rescheduled for December, when Glen Johnson takes on Reggie Johnson in a fight originally scheduled for November. The month-earlier bout had to be postponed when former champ Reggie hyper-extended his elbow in training.***

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