In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

Lucien Bute looked like a seasoned pro in stopping Edison Miranda in round three 새찬송가 무료 다운로드. It was a big step up and a learning experience for the Canadian. My other pick of the night was Kelly Pavlik over Sergio Martinez, also wrong. Pavlik cut early and was not able to be competitive in the final three –four rounds 다운로드. Should make for a strong rematch.***

It’s been a long time since I lost two picks in a row. Time to see if I can either change things around or continue this unpleasant streak 1945 게임. Fortunately there are three excellent fights to choose from.

In Denmark, Mikkel Kessler takes on undefeated Carl Froch from the U.K. in what figures to b e an interesting match 2019 최신트로트 다운로드. Kessler, 42-2 is a year younger and has faced higher qualify foes. Froch, 26-0, has a small reach advantage but will that be enough to defeat Kessler in his homeland 올드보이 미국판 다운로드?

I don’t think so. Kessler by decision.

Then we have a couple of exciting bouts on HBO, one a heavyweight match between veterans Tomasz Adamek, 33, taking on Chris Arreola, 29 단축어로 유튜브 다운로드.

Arreola’s only loss was to Vitali Klitschko which is a bit more respectable than Adameks defeat at the hands of Chad Dawson. Not that Dawson can’t fight, he can but he’s certainly doesn’t match up with Klitschko. 다운로드.

Oh well, I have to with Arreola here, but it won’t be an easy fight for him.

Finally, Alfredo Angulo 27. 17-1 (14)takes on hard hitting and always game Joel Julio, 25, 35-3 (31). Julio appears to be the bigger puncher, but his chin us often a wide open target.

Can Angulo take advantage of it? That will decide the outcome of the fight. I’ll pick Angulo by late TKO.

Glove 2 Glove:

Prayers for the soul of legendary boxing referee Arthur Mercante who passed away at age 90.

Prayers are also requested for the soul of Lorraine Chargin, wife of promoter Don, who suffered through a long bout with cancer.

Undefeated So. Cal. boxer Danny Hernandez was shot in the head and is in the hospital. He needs your prayers for a full recovery.

Prayers for all their souls as well as for the comfort of their families are also requested.

Prayers for the return to health of Casey Guerrero, wife of popular boxer, Robert. “The Ghost’s” wife is having a recurring bout with leukemia.

On behalf of these great fighters who have given their all in our great sport, we thank you for your ongoing prayers.

Glove2Glove, which has been an integral part of the magazine and website. It is a program I wish to continue a long after I have left the sport. I want to thank Dave and Deborah Wilcox, who have offered to take over the program and promised to continue it indefinitely. This generous offer means a lot to me. We always welcome new members.***

Thanks and God bless.***

Rusty also wants to let everyone know that although the website and magazine has been closed, the hope is that it will only be temporary, until an investor/new owner will be found.