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Rusty Rubin
Rusty Rubin is the managing editor of magazine 첨밀밀 영화 다운로드.

For those who are regulars in my corner, you know that I have written three books, all highly acclaimed, “Woozel, Boxing and Me, in fact was named by one website as the “Boxing Book of the Year” for 2006 저작권 없는 음악 다운로드. The other, “Off the Canvas”, a historically novel, is also available at

Along with my friend Tom Donelson, I wrote a book on Billy Soose, who for far too long has been over-looked for induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, N.Y 다운로드. Why? How about beating Tony Zale and Ken Overlin within a three week period of time, for starters?

Another gentleman who deserves this honor is world class trainer Freddie Roach, who has followed the example set by his mentor, the legendary Eddie Futch, in teaching his disciples the way to handle them in the squared circle 마이 리틀 자이언트. Freddie, even at a fairly young age, deserves the recognition.

In the last Corner I mentioned that Lou Duva was over-looked for the L.A 다운로드. based World Boxing Hall of Fame. Historian and friend David Martinez was kind enough to inform me that Lou was deservedly inducted in 1991. I Guess both Lou and I are getting along in years 다운로드.

Soose is now deceased while Freddie is young, active and always seems to get the better fighters because of his hard earned reputation. It is also because he knows how to handle them and his reputation is such that his services are in great demand osx iso.

Along with Lou Duva, Soose and Roach have been inducted in the World Boxing Hall of Fame, in Los Angeles.***


It’s been a rough week for boxing as four boxing guys left our world a sadder place avr studio 4 다운로드.

Hank Kaplan, 88. Historian emeritus, in Florida, was a one –man boxing encyclopedia, and a friend to all boxing people. A hard loss to swallow in an age when boxing needs all the help it can get 다운로드.

Navy Seal Commander Clint Myers, a hero outside of boxing and a huge boxing fan. A friend, only in his early 40’s.

California world class boxing referee Chuck Hassett, passed away after a long bout with cancer 다운로드.

And Jerry Wright who did so much for our amateur boxers also moved on to his final reward.

May the Lord have mercy on their Souls. I know these greats are looking down at us and as if they are here, they will always be around with a silent, helping hand.***

The fight that was: Between Floyd Mayweather, the top pound for pounder in the world and hard hitting Ricky Hatton, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last weekend was a good one.

Mayweather, a throwback, who plays hit and run as well as anybody around today, and is blessed with tremendous hand and foot speed. Hatton could punch and has decent hand speed, but we knew in advance he was a plodder.

Hatton, from the UK, is a big name, and very popular here and in Europe. He will be back. He can certainly punch. The problem is, like most other fighters, you can’t hit what you can’t catch.

The result was a 10th round TKO of Hatton by Floyd, who indicated he may retire. Don’t hold your breath on that one. There are plenty of folks out there that Mayweather can make a lot of money fighting, and don’t be surprised to hear the name Miguel Cotto come up often, in conversation.

Currently, there are few fighters I believe can beat Mayweather, and although he’s not a top drawer, Paul Williams is one of them.

With his height reach and style, Williams is perfectly made to give ‘Pretty Boy’ fits.***

A not-to-miss fight has also been rescheduled for December, when Glen Johnson takes on Reggie Johnson in a fight originally scheduled for November. The month-earlier bout had to be postponed when former champ Reggie hyper-extended his elbow in training.***

Looking forward to Manny Paquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez II on March 15th.

May all your wishes come true for Christmas, New Years and all of 2008.

2 thoughts on “In Rusty’s Corner

  1. Rusty Rubin is a class act and one of the most sincere guys you will ever meet, both in and out of the boxing world.
    He may be known for his boxing acumen, but his sense of humor is one of his finest assets as well!!!
    He has really been a great mentor to me.
    I am lucky enough to be counted as his friend!
    Happy Hoidays all.

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