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Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

Sometimes, when picking out a fight to make a prediction on, many things come into play.

This week I chose the WBA title fight between Anselmo Moreno and Lorenzo Parra, taking place in Moreno’s native country, Panama. One of the things that make this fight interesting and difficult to predict is that Parra is from the neighboring country next door, Venezuela, so if there is a hometown edge here, it’s very difficult to find 다운로드.

Moreno, 25, a southpaw, sports a record of 30-1 (10 KO’s) with 4 of his past 6 wins coming on split decisions. In short, he does well in close fights.

Parra, 32, 31-2-1 (18), has faced tougher foes and appears to be the better banger of the two combatants, although neither shows real knockout power 다운로드.

At 5’8”, Moreno does have a significant size advantage.

So how does one break down a contest like this? Well, it’s not easy, which is why I chose this one to make the prediction on.

Based on facing tougher opponents and showing the power edge, I think this fight goes to Parra by decision, but it won’t be easy 세인트세이야 오메가 다운로드. This is a fight, and a decision that I think I would enjoy seeing.

There is also the ever-present danger of a cut stopping the bout as often happens when a conventional fighter takes on a southpaw. Head butts are common with conventional fighters taking on southpaws, particularly when there’s a significant size advantage.

I won’t talk myself out of making the tough call here 다운로드. Parra by decision!

Glove 2 Glove:

A number of fine, boxing people have left us recently.

During this time period we have lost Australian welterweight Tommy Burns, 88; Willia Bessmanoff, German heavyweight, 78; Ricky Melton, heavy, 55; Felix Castillo, 51; flyweight; Anthony Jones, 28. heavyweight and Roger Williams, veteran boxing photographer.

Prayers for the souls of all of them would be much appreciated.

Prayers for the recovery of outstanding referee Jay Nady, who is recovering from heart surgery 다운로드.

Prayers for the recovery of the mother of Jacquie Richardson (Retired Boxers Assn.) and her father who is having hip replacement.

Prayers are requested for the health of outstanding trainer Joe Sousa, who is fighting the fight of his life against cancer.

Prayers requested for the return to health of Archie Wright, 2, who wandered into some dangerous substances.

Prayers for the complete return to good health to my old friend, promoter, and ex-wrestler Jack ‘Moe’ Smith who had complete reconstructive knee surgery a couple of weeks back 다운로드. Moe’s a fighter and making a complete recovery.

Tough fighter and great competitor Scott LeDoux, who was always in shape (as I prefer to remember him). Scott has ALS and has been given less than six months to live.

Sad to report that Genaro Hernandez’ cancer has returned. We ask for your prayers to help “Chicanito” in his battle against this relentless foe 다운로드.

Prayers for the return to health of Casey Guerrero, wife of popular boxer, Robert. “The Ghost” is having a recurring bout with leukemia.

Please pray for my Aussie mates and Glove2Glove member John MacDougall, who had to deal with health problems for his wife of many years, Gwen who is in a nursing home. Both need your prayers for recovery and inner strength.

Prayers for Audrey Talmo, wife of solid boxing guy and Glove2Glove member Ed. Also prayers for the recovery of Mills Lane and Denis Wilcox 다운로드.

On behalf of these great fighters who have given their all in our great sport, we thank you for your ongoing prayers.

If you know of any boxing people in need of spiritual uplift and/or prayers? Just drop us a line. Membership is free to all and no one will ever contact you except for prayer requests, or put your name on anyone’s mailing list 차트스쿨 다운로드. Every prayer request is welcome and I know the recipient will appreciate it.

God listens!

To join us, or just request needed prayers, drop Dave Wilcox a line at

Glove2Glove, which has been a long-time integral part of the defunct magazine and website. It is a program I wish to continue a long after I have left the sport and this earth. I want to thank Dave and Deborah Wilcox, who have offered to take over the program and promised to continue it indefinitely 슈프리마 다운로드. This generous offer means a lot to me. We always welcome new members.***

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