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Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

This week on July 9, in Carson, California, Brandon Rios puts his WBA lightweight title belt up against fast and tough foe Urbano Antillon 다운로드.

The fight, televised on Showtime, should be action packed, and features a solid undercard as well.

It’s not an easy fight to call. The champion, Rios, 25, 27-0-1, (19), stands 5’8 and has a 1” height advantage over the challenger pc용 카톡.

Antillon, 28, sports a record of 28-1 with 30 knockouts, just seems to impress more and more with every fight.

Antillon has the bigger reach by three inches and has faced tougher foes 다운로드.

It’s a hard fight to call. Both fighters are from Southern California so there’s no home field edge here.

I’ll go with the older Antillon to win a hard fought decision in a very close and exciting fight 스타 빠른무한 다운로드.


Congratulations to my friend David Martinez who next week on July 15 will celebrate four years of success with his website


Glove 2 Glove:

Boxing lost former lightweight champion Billy Costello, who died of cancer at age 55. Another class act, we ask prayers for his soul.

Also battling lung cancer is noted boxing trainer John Montes Sr., we ask for prayers for a full recovery.

On a personal note, I would request prayers for my wonderful wife Lois, who is dealing with a still unclearly diagnosed condition.

Prayers are requested for the health of outstanding trainer Joe Sousa, who is fighting the fight of his life against cancer.

On behalf of these great fighters who have given their all in our great sport, we thank you for your ongoing prayers.

If you know of any boxing people in need of spiritual uplifting and/or prayers? Just drop us a line. Membership is free to all and no one will ever contact you except for prayer requests. Your name will not suddenly appear on anyone’s mailing list. In short, there is no obligation. Every prayer request is welcome and I know the recipient will appreciate it.

God listens!

To join us, or just request needed prayers, drop Dave Wilcox a line at

Glove2Glove, which has been a long-time integral part of the defunct magazine and website. It is a program I wish to continue a long after I have left the sport and this earth. I want to thank Dave and Deborah Wilcox, who have offered to take over the program and promised to continue it indefinitely. This generous offer means a lot to me. We always welcome new members.***

Thanks and God bless.***


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