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Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

HBO judge Harold Lederman will be inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame. Congratulations to an old friend and the others who deservedly will be inducted with him.

Although Nevada has become the Mecca of boxing in the U.S hwidgen. there is no Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. I guess it’s understandable as I find it hard to find any native born people worthy, except maybe Gina Carano.

Nevada has had some great refs like Mills Lane and judges who were born elsewhere. The same can be said of the many well known writers of past and present 다운로드. If being native born is the criteria, it may be a long time until there are enough people qualified.***

Two watch able fights this weekend, although not necessarily exciting ones. Both are hard to figure.

NBC Sports will be showing a card from Brooklyn New York, featuring native son Zab Judah in the main event. The fight is for the WBC lightweight crown 82년 김지영 다운로드.

While I can’t see Judah losing before the hometown crowd, he is 34 years old and his best days seem far behind them. Add to that equation the fact that he faces undefeated 24 year old Vincent Paris (22-0 (15), and you just may have the ingredients for an upset.

Judah, a southpaw who hasn’t shown a lot of power in his 4` wins (only three via the KO route), is a good boxer but clearly has seen better days, and perhaps better opponents 다운로드.

Paris is a harder hitter and seems to be on his way up. Still it’s hard to see him winning a decision over Judah in Brooklyn. My guess is he needs a KO.

Paris by TKO midway.

The other fight of interest takes place in Houston Texas, for the WBC super lightweight title and features another aging performer in Erik Morales taking on Danny Garcia 다운로드.

Morales is 35, but is an exciting, in your face type fighter. Garcia, 23, is a bit taller, but gives up three inches in reach to Morales.

Since Morales likes to fight inside, the reach advantage here may be negligible. Hard to say what “El Terrible” has left in his tank. One thing is certain, He will make this an entertaining and exciting fight.
Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced here, but I’ve been a fan of Morales ever since I first saw him fight Crownix html5 viewer download. I think he has to stop Garcia and will late in the fight.

Glove 2 Glove:
Prayers requested for the soul of Nestor Espinosa, the long-time trainer of Roberto Duran.

Prayers for the complete return to good health to my old friend, promoter, and ex-wrestler Jack ‘Moe’ Smith who had complete reconstructive knee surgery a couple of weeks back 다운로드. Moe’s a fighter and making a complete recovery.

Please pray for my Aussie mates and Glove2Glove member John MacDougall, who had to deal with health problems for his wife of many years Gwen, who is in a nursing home John, a former Commissioner is having problems after a hip replacement surgery. Both need your prayers for recovery and inner strength.

Also prayers for the recovery of Mills Lane and Denis Wilcox.

Please say prayers for Phill Grazide of Santa Rosa, CA 쥐가 백마리 다운로드. a big supporter of amateur boxing, who is suffering the crippling effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

Needless to say we need prayers for the return to health of former champ Gerald McClellan, who is confined to wheelchairs.

On behalf of these great fighters who have given their all in our great sport, we thank you for your ongoing prayers.

If you know of any boxing people in need of spiritual uplifting and/or prayers 다운로드? Just drop us a line. Membership is free to all and no one will ever contact you except for prayer requests. Your name will not suddenly appear on anyone’s mailing list. In short, there is no obligation. Every prayer request is welcome and I know the recipient will appreciate it.

God listens!

To join Glove2Glove, or just request needed prayers, drop Dave Wilcox a line at

Glove2Glove, which has been a long-time integral part of the defunct magazine and website. It is a program I wish to continue a long after I have left the sport and this earth. I want to thank Dave and Deborah Wilcox, who have offered to take over the program and promised to continue it indefinitely. This generous offer means a lot to me. We always welcome new members.***

Thanks and God bless.***

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