Inoue over Fulton by 8th Round KNOCKOUT

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America / Respected contributor to since 2008

Stephen Fulton faced his toughest challenge in Naoya Inoue as they fought for Inoue’s WBA and WBC super-bantamweight title. Inoue is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters and now is a three-division title holder 다운로드. Inoue combines hand speed and power along with excellent technique. Fulton, who was undefeated but has only eight knockouts in his twenty-one victories, is a boxer with solid tactics and he is an effective counter puncher; but he could not match Inoue’s power. He had to fight the perfect fight and stay upright for the entire fight 다운로드.

Inoue is a smart fighter who can adjust in a bout and, despite his power, he is an effective counterpuncher, always ready to take advantage of mistakes 울버린 다운로드. Fulton had advantages in height and reach but Inoue had the home boxing ring advantage as the fight was in Tokyo.

Those advantages in height and reach did little as Inoue not only pounded his opponent, but he also out boxed his opponent. Fulton was a bloody mess and at the receiving end of Inoue’s power shots windows 10 enterprise. Inoue landed nearly double the jabs as Fulton and at a higher percentage. Fulton’s boxing skills and jab were neutralized. 

In round eight, Inoue unleashed a brutal right hand that stunned Fulton and sent him twirling across the ring. While Fulton retreated, Inoue smashed a left hook into Fulton’s face and Fulton hit the canvas. Fulton barely got up and Inoue finished him as he delivered a flurry that doubled Fulton’s body in half and into the canvas 포인터 포커스 다운로드. The referee saved Fulton from further punishment.

Punch Stats

Total landed47114
Total thrown223379
Jabs landed2344
Jabs thrown152199
Power landed2470
Power thrown71180

Inoue can claim the title of pound-for-pound king as he has won titles in three divisions. However, some may give the winner of Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford that crown as they meet for the best of the welterweight division coming up this Saturday. Inoue may have shown that he is the king of the pound-for-pound as he combines speed, boxing skills, and one punch power that can be stretched.

Steve Fulton may have been the best fighter in the 122-pound division that Inoue could have faced, and Inoue easily dispatched him. Inoue won his first title at 108 pounds and has carried his title through the 122-pound division. Fulton is a very good fighter who became a champion in 2021 by defeating Brandon Figueroa but against Inoue, he had few answers. Except for landing a couple of right hands in the seven rounds, he couldn’t carry much of an offense as Inoue simply landed more than double the punches including dominating with power shots and out jabbing the taller boxer.

Inoue has outstanding footwork, and this allows him to connect punches from all angles plus his hand speed forced Fulton to be a defensive fighter who was afraid to open up for he feared those powerful Inoue counter punches.

For Inoue, he can fight Marlon Tapales who is the title holder of two belts at junior featherweight. Inoue won his initial title at 118 pounds from Paul Butler. Inoue may be repeating what another great Asian fighter did; Manny Pacquiao went from a 108-pound champion to being a champion at the welterweight division. Inoue has the power and skills to possibly move up to even the lightweight division.

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