Jarret Hurd & Danny Garcia “By Unanimous Decision” Over Francisco Santana & Ivan Redkach – on Showtime

Santana vs 다운로드. Hurd
Garcia vs 일러스트 패턴 다운로드. Redkach

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … Contributor to dmboxing.com since 2008 with outstanding input and expertise – Thank You 일러스트 10 다운로드!

Jarret Hurd is coming back after losing his title and his first loss to Julian Williams.  (Williams lost to Jeison Rosario a week ago in a surprise knockout.)   Hurd now is looking to regain his titles, and this was the first step to that goal in the Barclay Center in Brooklyn against Francisco Santana.   The first two rounds, Hurd showed discipline as he jabbed and box against Santana, who seemed to follow Hurd around the ring 질투나요 baby 다운로드.

Hurd boxing style over the first four rounds bothered Santana, who seemed more of a sparring partner than a serious contender in the early rounds.   Halfway through the fifth round, Hurd starting to throw serious punches as Santana move consistently to his right 다운로드. This move negated Santana best punch, his left hook but protected him against the Hurd upper cut.

As Hurd entered the second half of the round, he was winning the fight easily but looking awkward in adopting a more subdued boxing style as oppose to his more aggressive style.  He never seemed comfortable and his boxing instinct reined in, he never appeared to go for broke.  As the fight progressed, there was little drama until the last thirty seconds of the tenth and final round.  Hurd landed six big hooks that Santana took but Hurd landed the upper cut that sent Santana down for the eight count.  As Santana rose up, the fight had but five seconds left so Santana survived 다운로드.

Danny Garcia, one of the best welterweights, faced Ivan Redkach, who was fighting his second fight in the welterweight division. Redkach last fight was a knockout victory over Devon Alexander.  Garcia dominated most of the feeling out first round as he landed a few rights to the body and head to the southpaw Redkach.   As the third round progressed, Showtime Paulie Malignaggi noted, Redkach looked perplexed and appeared to be thinking before throwing his punches as Garcia simply used his left jab as distance finder but he connected on his right to the body and head.  Garcia countering style put a little fear in Redkach, who appeared to be as worried to be hit.

As the fourth round ended, Showtime Al Bernstein observed that Redkach offense was neutered as Garcia put on a boxing clinic, nailing the Ukrainian at will.  Throughout the fifth round, Redkach took chances and threw punches, even connected with an upper cut but this was another round that Garcia won easily as he connected on the most punches in the round.

As the fight entered the second half of the bout, it was an easy to fight to score as Garcia easily won every round.  The seventh round saw the continuation of the boxing lesson by Garcia and at the end of the round, Redkach came back to his corner, tired and bleeding.   Redkach stuck his tongue out and tried a little bravado in the ninth round, but as one announcer noted, Redkach face was becoming as colorful as his bright golden hair.  In the eighth round, Garcia camp accused Redkach of biting Garcia’s shoulder.

The tenth thru the twelfth, Garcia simply boxed his way to victory rather easy and as the compubox numbers showed, Garcia connected on double the punches and the most accurate puncher. I had 120-108 while Showtime had it 119-109. 

Garcia looked good and ready to challenge the rest of the Welterweight division, a division that is deep in talent and potential great fights over the next couple of years.  As for Hurd, he looked uncomfortable as he attempted to box and move while he appeared to rein his more aggressive style.  He was the superior fighter and he could have easily stopped Santana if he went for the knock out early but it appeared that he was more interested using this as a sparring session and practice new things against a lesser opponent.

One thought on “Jarret Hurd & Danny Garcia “By Unanimous Decision” Over Francisco Santana & Ivan Redkach – on Showtime

  1. Hurd did what he needed to do and focused on basics, but maybe better as an off TV fight. Garcia remains near the top. He has to remain consistent and WW is tough.

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