Gene Fullmer and David Martinez
By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

As you have seen on my website, we feature articles by Jim Amato 다운로드. Jim is a friend and an outstanding boxing writer and I am simply blessed to have him as a part of dmboxing.

With that being said, I am going to treat my fan base on this website with a series of articles written by Jim that are called “Dream Fights”, highlighting many of the great boxers we have known in the sport 다운로드.

I have always been intrigued with the subject of who would have won against whom if they had ever fought. We all have our opinions, and I certainly respect everyone one that comes across to me with theirs ntfs for mac. With Jim being the excellent boxing expert that he is, I want you to enjoy his articles and respect his views.

Comparing the great fighters from different eras is a difficult task. The tangibles to be considered would be the value of the opponents they fought, heights, weights, styles, knockouts, and ring records. I believe that the most logical ingredient, though, would to be a comparison when each was at the absolute peak of their careers (regardless of the length of their careers). One other key factor that I have always included with my own comparisons, having had the luxury of being in involved in boxing for almost a half a century, has been to actually talk with and interview older generations who have lived and seen the greats of the past.

All of the articles are written by Jim Amato, and I have personally selected six that will be featured. They are, in order: Carlos Monzon vs. Gene Fullmer; Joe Frazier vs. Ron Lyle; Manny Pacquiao vs. Roberto Duran; Salvador Sanchez vs. Alexis Arguello; Nino Benvenuti vs. Vito Antuofermo; and Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Alexis Arguello.

As an added bonus from Jim, I will start and end this six article “Dream Fights” series with two more Amato articles regarding two fights that he feels would have been intriguing in themselves had they happened, but did not, between boxers of the same era. They are: Jerry Quarry vs. George Foreman, and Ray Mancini vs. Harry Arroyo. I certainly agree that both of these fights would have not only changed the landscape of boxing, but also the careers of these four men.

So, there will be a total of eight feature articles for your enjoyment from Jim Amato that will start in September and run through November.

You can also link onto Jim’s website by going to the menu on my website “blogroll” and clicking on Amatoboxing.