Johnny Ortiz / Book Review

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Wow 넬 전집! My read on My Life Among the Icons written by Johnny Ortiz is that it is simply a must for boxing fans, including the novice aficionado.

It is a wonderful and interesting collection of Johnny’s life from the age of fifteen to 1999 ms 오피스 97. Johnny has been involved with the sport of boxing for over fifty years. I have personally known this fine gentleman for the last twenty years as a boxing associate, mentor and dear friend, and now his book has brought out a personal, in depth touch into his life 구글 행 아웃.

The book tells some revealing stories, lived by Johnny, about sports icons such as O.J. Simpson, Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, Henry Armstrong, and Sugar Ray Robinson, as well as celebrities Frank Sinatra, Lenny Bruce, Henry Fonda, Phil Crosby, Robert Mitchum, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Lynda Carter, Olivia De Havilland, Ben Johnson, Bette Davis, Jackie Gleason, Dorothy Lamour, John Drew Barrymore, Milton Berle, Mickey Rooney, Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson.

I have my favorite chapters, but won’t reveal what is in this remarkable book; you will have to read it and be the judge of that!

Purchasing the book was as easy as “1-2-3”. 1) I went to my local Barnes & Noble bookstore; 2) I gave them the information (i.e., name of the book, author and publisher; 3) I paid $34.95 in full for the item with shipping included.

To my amazement, the book was delivered in five days, from east coast to west coast. I have my copy, I am most satisfied, and I am sure that you will be, too, as this book is a must read.

Johnny Ortiz has also done writing for my website. I am so blessed to have his professional expertise, and he kindly acknowledges that by listing in his book (page 10) along with an array of his outstanding contributions to boxing that you will view by purchasing it.

I would also like to be the first to alert everyone that, coming in May 2010, there will be a special gala luncheon event held in the Los Angeles area to honor Johnny, including a public book signing. As more information becomes available, I will post it on this website. Hopefully, those of you who live in the southern California area will come join me to honor my friend, Johnny Ortiz!

BOOK: My Life Among the Icons

AUTHOR: Johnny Ortiz

PUBLISHER: Publish America