Joshua dominates Ruiz to regain WBA/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America / Contributor to since 2008 with expertise articles and input 다운로드.

Anthony Joshua simply used his technical skills and boxing ability and dances his way to an easy decision. I had the fight 119-109 but this was a hardly exciting fight 다운로드. Ruiz was incapable to get any consistent offense and only in the eighth round did Ruiz connect on power shots including a sharp right and nasty left hook, but that was about the explosive attack by Ruiz.  I gave the eighth round to Ruiz and it was the only round that Ruiz actually landed more punches than Joshua.  Ruiz only averaged 22 punches thrown per round and landed just five punches per round.  Joshua was hardly a throwing machine, but he averaged 36 punches per round and connected on nine punches per round 다운로드.

Joshua threw the double of jabs than Ruiz and landed three times as many jabs and even landed a slightly more power shots plus he was more accurate with those power shots.  The jabs allowed Joshua to control the space between Ruiz and him, denying Ruiz opportunities to nail Joshua with power shots 다운로드.

What is next for Joshua?  Ruiz wants a third fight and promised to be better prepared which leaves the question why wasn’t he prepared for this fight?  He was heavier whereas Joshua was eleven-pound lighter.  Will there be a demand for another rematch?  Ruiz did not give himself the best chance to win and he allowed Joshua to box his way to an easy win.  The big fight is with the winner of the Fury-Wilder but that fight is in February so Joshua will have another fight and maybe Ruiz rematch might be that fight. 

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